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God of War PC Port Dominates Sales Charts

Sony’s God of War is already taking the PC market by storm with an outstanding sales performance.

It is no secret that Sony has been increasing its efforts to appease PC gamers.

Microsoft proved that PC gamers are a considerably sized market with its PC Game Pass success.

After this undeniable success, Sony dipped into the PC market as well.

The first ports in Sony’s PC roster were Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Both titles were a success in the sales department. As well, Sony recently announced that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is also receiving a PC adaptation.

The Japanese giant aims to continue that great PC sales streak by releasing a PC port of God of War.

God of War PC Port Epic Games Store
Source: Epic Games Store

God of War PC Port Is Already Dominating Sales Charts

The PC adaptation of God of War is arriving on Steam and Epic Games Store on January 14, 2022. At this moment, both stores priced the game at $49.99.

Sony announced this a few hours ago and God of War is already pushing great numbers on the Steam sales charts.

In detail, the PC port of God of War already sits comfortably in the third position of Steam’s Global Top Sellers.

Considering that the game launched back in 2018, it is an incredible feat.

Although, Sony is certainly giving this 2018 title a fresh coat of paint.

God of War will arrive on PC with many platform exclusive improvements.

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God of War PC Port Steam Sales

For many, this announcement was not a surprise. A leak last month hinted that God of War was the next PlayStation PC port.

In addition to this leak, Sony recently acquired a studio that specializes in PC ports, making its intentions of bringing even more PlayStation titles to the platform very clear.

Personally, I am just crossing my fingers for Bloodborne to be the next PC port.

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