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God of War, Horizon, & Gran Turismo TV Shows in Production, Sony Confirms

Sony has confirmed that God of War, Horizon, and Gran Turismo are set to receive television adaptations, as they’re now in production.

PlayStation has become one of the biggest gaming brands in recent years, dominating with a range of successful IPs.

But while PlayStation is one of Sony’s best brands, Sony has plenty of other ways of making money. One of the biggest is their Sony Pictures segment.

And it seems that Sony is bringing their different segments closer together, with three more PlayStation IPs becoming TV shows.

God of War & Horizon TV Shows Will Be on Amazon and Netflix

God of War and Horizon’s TV adaptions will be produced and distributed on Amazon and Netflix respectively.

This information came from a ResetEra forum post, where the user Nightengale shared the news while watching a Sony Business Briefing.

Sony Pictures Confirms God of War and Horizon Shows with Netflix and Amazon
Sony / Netflix / Amazon

While God of War is releasing via Amazon’s VOD service, Prime Video, and Horizon will release on Netflix, Gran Turismo has yet to find a home.

If you didn’t already know, these aren’t the only three PlayStation IPs heading for TV or film. The Last of Us and Twisted Metal are also becoming TV adaptations, with Ghost of Tsushima becoming a movie.

These are all likely to be far away before we finally get to sit down and watch them. However, it’ll be interesting to see how well some of them will convert to a TV series.

God of War and Horizon are both especially very visually spectacular and action-packed. Converting these from a video game faithfully may be quite difficult.

We’re excited to see Kratos and Aloy in a different way nonetheless!

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