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God of War Ragnarok Developer Hiring for Mysterious New Game

God of War developer, Sony Santa Monica is recruiting for a mysterious new project, posting a job advert on their Twitter feed. What could it be for?

The God of War developer is looking for a brand-new Art Director, which is a pretty important role in game development. But it also implies the studio is recruiting for a new project.

We can rule out God of War Ragnarok itself; that game will be nearing completion by this point. And an Art Director for that game already exists - and their work is nearly done.

There’s also no guarantee that the new job listing has anything to do with GoW at all. And may actually be for a new or other existing IP. The question is which one?

While the GoW series will likely continue after Ragnarok – although in what form we don’t know. But we also don’t think this new position is for God of War 6 either.

It’s a little bit early in the production cycle to be hiring Art Directors. And chances are, the current GoW team will move over to that project anyway.

Don't forget, God of War (2018) is included as a free game in the PSN Library.

Is the Project Connected to God of War Ragnarok?

The God of War series has always been Sony Santa Monica’s primary focus, so they may be creating a spin-off in some form? But of course, this is merely speculation on our part.

In truth, we have absolutely no idea what the studio is up to. But the fact that they are recruiting for that specific position is telling, as it implies a project of substantial magnitude.

If only we had the foggiest idea what! The studio has recruited other staff in recent weeks, but only for roles that fit in with God of War Ragnarok’s development timeline.

The game is due for release this year and recent rumors suggest it will be a cross-gen title, appearing on both PS5 and PS4.

We’ll let you know more when we know it!

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