We just got our first leak for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Zombies and it reveals the return of the controversial GobbleGum mechanic.

Longtime COD Zombies fans will be well aware of the GobbleGum system, which made its debut in Black Ops 3.

But while BO3, and its Zombies Chronicles DLC, featured some of the best Zombies content of all time, GobbleGums weren’t a popular addition.

GobbleGum in Black Ops 6 Confirmed

On May 29, 2024, a new leak confirmed all editions and pre-order bonuses for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

Among the exclusive skins and the return of a fan-favorite Operator, we also got the confirmation that GobbleGums are back, with some seemingly tied to the Vault Edition of the game.

This confirms that Black Ops 6 will, in fact, have a Zombies mode, which was all but certain already. But it also indicates that GobbleGums will be returning after nine long years!

Black Ops 6 Vault Edition GobbleGum

Hopefully, the GobbleGums present in the Vault Edition aren’t the only way to get your hands on specific consumables. However, skins given out in special editions of Call of Duty titles do tend to be exclusive, which leaves us a little concerned.

What Are GobbleGums?

In Call of Duty Zombies, GobbleGums are consumable candy balls that can be purchased from the GobbleGum machine in-game.

Purchasing and consuming a GobbleGum mid-round will provide players with one of five boosts from their GobbleGum Pack. These will provide temporary in-game bonuses, which are not lost automatically when a player is downed.

Before starting a match, players can customize which pack of GobbleGum will appear in the machine. Then, purchasing a GobbleGum will result in one of the consumables being dispensed at random.

GobbleGum Machine in Black Ops 3

Only one GobbleGum can be equipped at a time, and their effects are largely temporary. Some GobbleGum contain round-based effects, but others can be time-based or activated at will by the player.

The Controversy Explained

The issue with GobbleGum in Black Ops 3 is that there are four distinct rarities of consumables: Classic, Mega, Rare Mega, and Ultra-rare Mega.

To obtain these higher rarities of GobbleGum (which were, of course, far more powerful), players had to use Liquid Divinium in Dr Monty’s Factory. This would allow them to roll for a chance at obtaining better quality GobbleGum, but the outcome was entirely random.

Liquid Divinium could be obtained at random, with a chance to acquire it when players spend points opening doors, buying wall weapons, using the Mystery Box, and more.

Dr Monty's Factory in Black Ops 3

But the item could also be purchased via COD Points, meaning GobbleGum was quickly seen as a Pay to Win mechanic in Black Ops 3.

That’s not to say that GobbleGum in Black Ops 6 will also be Pay to Win, however. We’d like to think that Activision has learned from its mistakes this time around.

After all, Black Ops 3 also made use of Supply Drops, a loot box mechanic that allowed players to unlock exclusive weapons and attachments, among a variety of cosmetic items.

Since the Modern Warfare reboot, Call of Duty has moved away from this system, in favor of Battle Passes. So when GobbleGum returns in Black Ops 6, we can only hope that the mechanic is more fair and balanced.

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