We finally got the long-awaited reveal of a Pokemon Presents live stream coming in August 2023, but a glitching M already has players confused.

It’s almost time for our annual Pokemon Presents August showcase, and we couldn’t be more excited. The next Pokemon-focused live stream will take place on August 8 at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST.

Surely this will be the time that Game Freak finally reveals the release day for Scarlet & Violet’s upcoming DLC, and could we also be getting a new game announcement altogether?

Nintendo isn’t answering our questions just yet, but it is teasing fans with a neon sign and a glitching letter M…

Pokemon Presents Neon Announcement

Pokemon Presents Glitching Neon M

In the new announcement, the Pokemon Presents logo temporarily disappears, before the M in Pokemon reappears in purple neon. After flashing briefly, the entire Pokemon Presents logo appears in matching neon lettering.

But is there a significance behind the M being highlighted first? Fans certainly believe so.

Here are just a few ideas that the internet is already throwing around:


When we think of purple, futuristic Pokemon associated with the letter M, there’s only one obvious answer: Mewtwo.

Fans have been calling for a sequel to Pokemon Legends: Arceus for some time, and neither Mew nor Mewtwo appeared in the original game. Could the legendary Pokemon be the focus of an upcoming sequel?

Pokemon Unite Mewtwo X & Y

Given that Mewtwo was made in a lab in modern times, a Legends: Mewtwo game could well be set in the future, rather than the past. And that would certainly help to explain the neon.

It’s worth noting that Mewtwo is leaked to be coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in Tera Raid Battles soon. On top of that, the legendary Pokemon is this year’s free-to-earn anniversary gift in Pokemon Unite.

Perhaps Mewtwo is simply the star of 2023, or maybe there’s more to it…

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Other players believe that a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon could be on the cards, given that it’s the most iconic spin-off series to begin with the letter M.

It’s certainly been some time since the last new game, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, dropped in 2015.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

However, since then The Pokemon Company may have been testing the waters for player interest, with a remaster of the original Red and Blue Mystery Dungeon games ‘Rescue Team DX’ releasing in 2020.


Glitches… the letter M… clearly this is a reference to MissingNo!

Okay, this isn’t a serious answer but it’d be great to see Pokemon officially reference MissingNo one day. For those unaware, this was a glitched Pokemon in the original Red and Blue games that could only be caught in certain extremely uncommon instances.

Missingno Pokemon

MissingNo resembles a jumble of purple pixels in the shape of a backward L, and catching it will break your game in a multitude of ways.

Interestingly, a similar glitched Pokemon by the name of ‘M is known as MissingNo’s “sister glitch.”

We’re on to you, The Pokemon Company!

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