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Completion Time:
15 Minutes
Very Easy
Glide Mask
Glide Shirt
Glide Tights

The Glide Suit is one of the best armor sets in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK as it lets you soar around the skies without losing stamina.

Here’s how to get all 3 pieces of this must-have armor which can be acquired very early in the game:

How to Get the Glide Suit Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

To get the Glide Suit in TOTK, you’ll need to head to the following 3 sky islands:

  • Bravery Island
  • Courage Island
  • Valor Island

At each one, Link must complete a skydive challenge to earn a new piece of the armor set.

Glide Shirt

The Glide Shirt is the easiest of the armor pieces you can acquire in TOTK, so we recommend getting it first. To do so, travel to Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower and launch yourself into the sky.

How to Get to Courage Island
Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower is found just West of Hyrule Castle

Drop onto the nearby Sky Island which is revealed to be Courage Island. Activate the Zonai Circle at the top of the island and a green ring will appear.

Courage Island Glide Suit Zelda TOTK

Dive through the ring and you’ll begin a freefalling mini-game where you’re tasked with falling through each of the rings as they appear.

How to Get the Glide Shirt in Tears of the Kingdom

Complete the minigame, land in the water, and then talk to the Construct who is waiting on the island. It’s worth noting that a shrine will spawn the first time you complete each minigame, but they’re unrelated to the Glide Suit.

How to Get the Glide Shirt Armor TOTK

The Construct will ask you to complete the minigame again, for the price of one Zonai Charge. Complete the challenge once more within the specified time to unlock the Glide Shirt!

Glide Shirt Zelda TOTK

Note: Breaking the island’s record time will give you a bonus reward of a Large Zonai Charge.

Glide Mask

To get the Glide Mask, players need to head to Valor Island. The best way to get there is by traveling to the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower and propelling yourself into the sky.

How to Get to Valor Island
Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower is at the far East of the Hyrule map

You likely won’t be able to make it all the way to Valor Island with your stamina level, especially early on in the game.

Therefore, you’ll want to find an island on the way there to rest on – and where better than this one full of flying machines?

Flying Machine in Zelda TOTK

Step aboard a custom ready-made flying machine and you’ll be able to travel the rest of the distance in style.

Why not stick on your first Glide armor piece to make the journey (and the upcoming challenge) that much easier?

Fly to Valor Island Zelda TOTK

Talk to the Steward Construct and you’ll be able to run Valor Island’s skydiving course. Complete it once and then pay the Zonai Charge to do it a second time, this time beating the timer.

Glide Mask in Zelda TOTK

You’ll now be given the Glide Mask!

Glide Tights

Finally, to get the Glide Tights, players need to go to Bravery Island. To get there, soar into the sky from the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower.

How to Get to Bravery Island
Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower is North of Hyrule Castle, past the Great Hyrule Forest

Since this island is a little further out than you’ll likely be able to glide, Link will need to stop off at an island along the way.

When here, turn the rotating switch to direct the man-cannon toward Bravery Island and launch yourself using it for an extra boost.

Zelda TOTK Man-Cannon

Alternatively, make use of a Zonai Wing in TOTK to get there with ease!

You’ll need to complete this skydiving trial twice once again, and it will cost you another Zonai Charge to do so.

Bravery Island Zelda TOTK

However, at the end of it, there’ll be your final armor piece, the Glide Tights, waiting as a reward.

How to Get the Glide Tights Zelda TOTK

Don’t miss out on each island’s Shrine either! After all, one of them contains a diamond that (with a little know-how) you can duplicate infinite times for free money in TOTK!

What Does the Glide Suit Do in Zelda: TOTK?

The Glide Suit is one of Tears of the Kingdom’s best armor sets as it significantly improves mobility while skydiving.

Wingsuit in Zelda TOTK

This is a huge help when trying to conserve stamina while traveling long distances in the air. You won’t fall faster, but you’ll be able to use the suit’s wings to glide further than ever.

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