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Gilded Hunter Pack in Fortnite – Price, Contents, & More

The Gilded Hunter Pack will be roaring its way into Fortnite’s Item Shop soon – here’s the price, contents, and release date for this new limited-time offer!

Many players are excited when new limited-time offers arrive in the Fortnite Item Shop. Not only are they available for a short amount of time, but they offer some incredible skins that are usually original creations.

The new Gilded Hunter Pack is no different. It offers a variety of cosmetics, as well as a skin that many players will want to pick up.

Fortnite: Gilded Hunter Set Cosmetics & Contents

The Gilded Hunter Pack comes with these included in the purchase:

  • Huntmaster Saber Outfit (with additional style)
  • Saber’s Fang Pickaxe (with additional style)
  • The Hunt Begins Wrap
  • 1,000 V-Bucks
Huntmaster Saber Outfit in Fortnite

This is pretty standard for a limited-time offer pack, but additional styles are always welcome!

Another pack has made a bone-chilling return, as the Skull Squad Pack has come back to Fortnite for a short time.

Fortnite: Gilded Hunter Limited-Time Offer Pack Price

While we can’t be certain, we believe that the Gilded Hunter Pack will cost $11.99 in Fortnite.

Update: According to reliable leaker iFireMonkey, the bundle may be exclusive to Xbox and require a code to redeem. This means it would be bundled with either an Xbox console, Xbox controller, or part of Game Pass.

This is based on previous limited-time offer packs. When we know a definite price, we will update this article to reflect that.

Usually, packs that come with an Outfit, Pickaxe, Wrap, and some V-Bucks (or V-Bucks challenges) cost around this price point. We’re sure that the Gilded Hunter set will be valued similarly.

Another outfit will be debuting soon, so make sure to check out the Black Adam bundle coming to Fortnite.

Gilded Hunter Pack with Fortnite Logo

Fortnite: Gilded Hunter Pack Release Date

There’s currently no release date set for the Gilded Hunter Pack in Fortnite.

If we were to make a guess, the Gilded Hunter Pack will likely launch in November. This is due to all of the Fortnitemares Packs currently available.

Once again, we’ll be sure to update this article once we know a concrete answer.

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