The new 1.2 update for Honkai Star Rail is introducing a new way for all players to pull Yukong for free – no Stellar Jade required!

If you’re a fan of the new Foxian support character, you’ll no doubt be upset to see that Yukong missing from the current Event Warp.

Thankfully, if you’re yet to get Yukong in Honkai Star Rail, or you need just one more Eidolon to complete your build, you can now unlock the character once for free!

How to Get Yukong for Free in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail players can get Yukong for free by clearing the first stage of ‘Memory of Xianzhou,’ a new challenge that has arrived in the Forgotten Hall alongside V1.2.

First, by completing the new Trailblaze Mission ‘Xianzhou Luofu – A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant,’ players will unlock the new memory The Voyage of Navis Astriger in the Forgotten Hall.

This Trailblaze Mission is one of the additional story missions that went live in the 1.2 update, it was not available before July 19, 2023.

Then, complete Forgotten Hall: Memory of Xianzhou Stage 1 (any number of stars is fine) to unlock Yukong for free in Honkai Star Rail!

How to Get Yukong for Free in Honkai: Star Rail

How Else Can You Get Yukong?

Alternatively, Yukong is also available via the Regular Stellar Warp, though you’ll have to be lucky to pull her – thanks to the sheer volume of content available in the basic Warp option.

The 4-Star character made her debut as part of Luocha’s recent ‘Laic Pursuit’ Event Warp, which has now ended with the launch of V1.2.

Already unlocked the powerful Imaginary character? Never fear, Yukong’s free drop will simply become a new Eidolon to power up your existing Foxian!