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How To Get Free PS Store Credit This Weekend

Sony is giving away free PS Store credit to select users, here’s how to claim your additional bonus.

Looking to get into PlayStation gaming and need a little financial incentive? Sony has you covered as the publisher is offering users free PS Store credit in its latest promotion.

If you just picked up a PlayStation 5 in yesterday’s major Walmart restock, this is the perfect offer for you. After all, PS5s don’t come cheap, and you could probably use a little extra boost for buying games to go with it.

playstation store credit

Right now, there’s every reason to be PS Plus subscriber already. After all, these insane games came free to PS Plus members this month!

But if you’re not already subscribed, this offer may be enough to tempt you.

Sony Offers Free PS Store Credit to Subscribers

This weekend only, Sony is offering free PS Store credit to its new subscribers. By signing up for a 12 month PS Plus subscription, you’re able to get £12.50 of free funds deposited directly into your account.

You’re then free to spend that credit as you see fit, but there’s a catch of course.

Firstly, this offer is only available to new PS Plus subscribers. Those who have previously been members are not eligible for the deal.

However, all PlayStation fans are welcome to claim this new deal for 10 free games!

On top of that, the free PS Store credit is only available when purchasing the membership on the PS4 or online store. Oddly, the PS5 marketplace is not included, although we don’t see why you couldn’t simply get around this by using your phone or PC to make the purchase.

(Source: Sony)

The offer ends on 23/03/21 at 10 AM GMT. Make sure you’ve made your purchase before this point to get the free PS Store credit.

But bear in mind that not every country is eligible for the deal, and those in the US are out of luck this time. But America does at least have a new 46,000 unit strong PS5 restock on the way to this retailer!

Still looking for that PlayStation 5? Check out our PS5 stock trackers below for up-to-date info as it drops:

In case you missed it, yesterday saw the unveiling of the new PSVR 2 controller. If you want to save your credit for a PSVR 2 game though, it’s going to be a long wait!

Here’s our first hint at the PlayStation VR 2 release date, by Sony itself.

The PlayStation 5 just became the fastest-selling console in history, despite major stock issues. And despite Xbox’s purchase of ZeniMax, these two Bethesda titles will be remaining PS5 exclusives!

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