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Genshin Impact: Transience Books Locations & Where To Get

Transience Books are Level Up materials in Genshin Impact. Here’s a full guide on how to obtain them!

If you have been playing Genshin Impact for a while, you know that levelling up a character’s talents is very important. This will increase the damage done and effectiveness of that specific talent. 

Throughout your Genshin Impact journey you may have realised that the Transience Books are quite important to level up some characters.

There are three types of Transience Books in Genshin Impact:

  • Teachings of Transience
  • Guide to Transience
  • Philosophies of Transience

Many playable characters such as Arataki Itto, Kokomi, Thoma and Yoimiya require these Level Up materials to ascend their talents.

Transience Books Characters

Making sure you ascend characters’ talents is very important as this will increase their abilities and enhance the power of both their skills and their auto-attacks permanently.

This is why you should make sure you gather all the talent materials your characters need!

If you haven’t been able to find any of these books yet, don’t worry! We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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Where To Find Transience Books in Genshin Impact

Unfortunately, the Transience Books can only be found in one location in Genshin Impact so far.

In order to obtain these Level Up materials, you will have to travel to Inazuma.

More specifically, you’ll have to go Narukami Island, located to the West of Inazuma. Interestingly, in this island you can also farm Sakura Blooms, a type of crafting materials.

There, you have to complete the Violet Court, which is a Domain of Mastery.

Violet Court

This domain will normally unlock for players naturally by completing Archon Quests.

Since the Violet Court is located on an island, the player will need to have unlocked a way to travel through water safely. Another way to reach this island is by unlocking the Wave Rider Waypoint to summon a skiff.

Another requirement to enter this domain is that you will have to be Level 38 or above.

This domain offers a rotating set of Level-Up materials, which varies depending on the days in which it’s completed.

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How To Obtain Transience Books in Genshin Impact

To enter Violet Court, it is required to have Adventure Rank of at least 28-36.

It is recommended that your party has a level of at least 55, and you will have an advantage if you bring characters that use Electro.

Since Violet Court’s rewards vary depending on the day, it’s important that you complete it on the correct dates if you’re looking to get Transience Books.

On Mondays and Thursdays, the domain is called Reign of Violet. On these days, the Transience Talent Level-up Materials are available.

These rewards can also be obtained on Sundays.

You can receive between one to two Guide to Transience per run. You will also receive between one and three Teachings of Transience.

Once you have completed this domain successfully, you can claim the rewards as well as spend x20 Original Resin or x1 Condensed Resin to receive double!

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Can Transience Books Be Crafted?

Luckily for players, some of these books can be crafted!

You can craft Guide to Transience with x3 Teachings of Transience and x175 Mora.

Furthermore, Philosophies of Transience can be crafted by using x3 Guides to Transience and x550 Mora.

This is all you need to know about Transience Books in Genshin Impact! Make sure you remember to farm them on the right days.

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