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Genshin Impact – New Character Revealed: Shikanoin Heizou

Hoyoverse has just unveiled a brand new character named Shikanoin Heizou!

A brand new character is being added to the Genshin Impact roster for players to enjoy – Shikanoin Heizou! Although we currently don’t know this character’s rarity or what weapon they use there are other details that we are certain of!

This character announcement comes amidst the version 2.7 delay with players currently unsure of when the update will drop.

Genshin Impact Heizou

Everything we know about Shikanoin Heizou

Hoyoverse released a teaser about Shikanoin Heizou on Twitter, which allowed players to infer several things:

  • He is from Inazuma
  • He has an Anemo Vision
  • His Constellation is “Cervus Minor” (meaning ‘Little Deer’ in Latin)

However, there are still several things that players currently don’t know about Shikanoin Heizou that are critically important:

  • What rarity he is
  • What weapon he uses (there is current speculation that he uses a sword – check out our guide on how to get Amenoma Kageuchi, a great sword to use!)
  • His ascension materials (Boss drops, regional speciality, enemy drops)

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Previously, players were able to guess which bosses would need to be fought before a character was released. However, with Mihoyo adding more bosses that aren’t explicitly linked to one vision (such as The Ruin Serpent added in 2.6, or the Bathysmal Vishaps added in 2.4) it can be hard to guess in advance.

There is speculation that Shikanoin Heizou will be a 4-star character due to there only being 6 Anemo characters currently in-game (7 counting the Traveler). With 4 of these being 5-star characters (5 including the Traveler).

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Genshin Impact Heizou Fanart
The fan design of Heizou that many fans believed how he would look. (Art by: Chimkennuggieee on Twitter)
Hoyoverse/ Chimkennuggieee

Player Reactions

However, despite this new addition, many players are already unhappy – particularly with the character’s design. Previously a piece of fan art was used whenever players would mention Shikanoin Heizou (due to having no official design at the time).

Many players wanted the character to look exactly like the fan art (shown above) which was a combination of Venti and Hu Tao’s designs.

Due to Hoyoverse not designing the character like the fan-art, many players are upset and saying that the design appears ‘bland’ or ‘generic’. Some even state that the character is simply a recolor of Kazuha – an already existing Anemo character.

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Will you be pulling for Shikanoin Heizou? Do you like his official design, or do you prefer the fan art version? Let us know below!

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