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Genshin Impact: “New Adventure? Let’s Go!” Web Event – How to Complete & All Rewards

The Genshin Impact Web Event “New Adventure? Let’s Go!” is now available! Tune in to find out everything there is to know about it!

Genshin Impact is known for releasing events very often in order to help players get rewards and keep them entertained!

As you may know, the Web Event “Journey with a Gentle Breeze” has just finished.

Don’t miss out on Genshin Impact’s other ongoing event, “Ley Line Overflow”!

It has just started too, make sure you participate in that one as well! You are still on time to get as many rewards as possible.

However, this new Web Event that Genshin Impact has just released is slightly different than these two we have just mentioned. Here we will tell you everything there is to know about it!

All the requirements you need to meet for this game is simply having an Adventure Rank 10.

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What is the “New Adventure? Let’s Go!” Web Event?

The “New Adventure? Let’s Go!” Web Event consists of rolling a dice to move in a board in order to complete the event objectives to get rewards!

How To Access “New Adventure? Let’s Go!” Web Event

All you need to do to participate in this web event is click in a link that will redirect you to the event page!

Nevertheless, if you want to play on your PS4, all you have to do is use your UID and Adventure Rank to log in.

You will get an email on your in-game mail with a verification code which is only valid for 10 minutes, so make sure you do it on time!

However, if you want to play the Web Event “New Adventure? Let’s Go!” on your browser, you can do it by clicking here.

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How To Play & Receive Rewards

During this Web Event, you’ll find that you have a board where you need to move around.

To move, you have to roll a dice. When you do so, the number the dice shows will indicate how many steps forward you’ll take on the board!

How many chances do you get to roll the dice?

Until the end of the Web Event, you get 8 Dice Chances by just logging in to the Web Event page.

Apart from this, you get 4 Dice Chances by completing the daily missions, which change every day.

This means you get a total of 12 Dice Chances a day!

Just moving around the board will get you adventure coins.

You can also get coins by getting random rewards: such as the pouches laid around the board, encountering random events, and getting back to the starting point!

Doing all of these things will get you the following rewards:

  • Trigger random movement 6 times: 50,000 Mora.
  • Get 150 Adventure Coins: 10 Primogems.
  • Obtain 300 Adventure Coins: 20 Primogems.
  • Obtain 600 Adventure Coins: 30 Primogems.
  • Trigger random events 3 times: 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Trigger random rewards 5 times: 5 Hero’s Wit
"New Adventure? Let's Go!" Map

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How To Trigger Random Events?

To trigger Random Events, all you need to do is to move to certain areas like bridges, bushes and near enemies.

When you reach a bush, beware as an enemy might pop up and push you back!

How To Trigger Random Rewards?

Throughout the board, you will see random pouches littered around.

These are Random Rewards!

When you come across one, you get a random amount of Adventure Coins in it!

To get a Random Reward, you must simply get a number on the dice that will take you to it.

This event will be very useful if you are looking to get a lot of rewards by playing a very fun and easy game!

If apart from this, you’d like to get even more rewards, you should also Redeem our Free Promo Codes!

With Update 2.7 coming up very soon, you want to make sure you have as many Primogems as possible!

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Genshin Impact Poster

There will be new characters and weapons that you’ll surely want to save up for.

As well as this, you want to use your Primogems to get other 5-star characters in the game, such as the ones we mentioned in our April 2022 Tier List.

If you are a big fan of Genshin Impact, you may also be aware of a new HoYoverse game coming out soon, Honkai: Star Rai.

Make sure you don’t miss out on all the information about the closed beta!

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about this “New Adventure? Let’s Go!” Web Event!

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