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Genshin Impact: Every Characters Birthday Calendar & All Gifts So Far

Happy Birthday Travellers! Find out what you can get on your own birthday and other characters’ birthdays in Genshin Impact!

It’s no secret Genshin Impact has a large cast of characters – it’s one of the main appeals of the game! But when does each character celebrate their birthday?

What do you get for simply logging in on their special day? We’ve compiled a list below detailing every character’s birth date and the gifts they’ve previously given!

Genshin Impact Birthday Schedule

If you simply want to know when your favorite character’s birthday is, we’ve provided a quick overview below with their birth month!

  • January – Thoma, Diona, Rosaria
  • February – Beidou, Kokomi, Bennett
  • Match – Qiqi, Shenhe, Jean, Noelle, Ayato
  • April – Aloy, Xiao, Diluc
  • May – Gorou, Yun Jin, Fischl
  • June – Paimon, Itto, Lisa, Venti, Yoimiya, Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko
  • July – Barbara, Kujou Sara, Hu Tao, Childe, Klee, Yanfei
  • August – Amber, Ningguang, Mona
  • September – Chongyun, Razor, Albedo, Ayaka
  • October – Xingqiu, Xinyan, Sayu, Eula, Kazuha
  • November – Xiangling, Keqing, Sucrose, Kaeya
  • December – Ganyu, Zhongli

Why not try farming some materials to give your favorite character a little birthday treat? We’ve got a Perfect guide on how to farm Sakura Blooms quickly and easily!

Or if your favorite just so happens to use a sword but doesn’t need Sakura Blooms, why not treat them to a brand new sword – perhaps the Anemoma Kageuchi?

Genshin Impact Birthday Gifts

Every year, players will receive a letter and gift in the mail from a character on their birthday. The gifts usually feature local specialties, talent materials/books or ascension materials (weapon/character) as well as the character’s special dish.

Moreover, players can also enjoy the letters characters send them as they often show words of support to the player, thanking them for helping the character in some way.

Players can input their birthday at the start of the game – on which they will be gifted a cake that can be used to gain 2 Fragile Resin.

Genshin Impact January Birthdays


  • Thoma – 1/9

Thoma’s gift for 2022 included 1 Delicious Butter Crab, 1 Delicious Mixed Yakisoba and 1 “Warmth”. “Warmth” is Thoma’s specialty dish that restores 14% max HP to a character as well as regenerating 350 HP per 5 seconds, for 30 seconds.

  • Diona – 1/18

Diona has had two pieces of birthday mail in-game. In 2021 her mail included 10 Loach Pearls, and 1 Definitely Not Bar Food!

Her 2022 mail gifted players 10 Luminescent Spine as well as 1 Definitely Not Bar Food!

Definitely Not Bar Food is Diona’s special dish. It revives a downed character, restoring 10% of their max HP as well as healing an extra 150 HP.

  • Rosaria – 1/24

Rosaria has currently only had 1 in-game birthday. Her 2022 mail featured 10 Windwheel Asters and, 1 Dinner of Judgement.

Dinner of Judgement is a recovery dish alongside being Rosaria’s Specialty. It heals 30% of a character’s max HP, as well as restoring an extra 1,750 HP.

Genshin Impact February Birthdays


The first character to have their birthday in February is:

  • Beidou – 2/14

Beidou has had 2 pieces of birthday mail. Her 2021 mail included 10 Violetgrass and 2 Flash-Fried Filet.

Her 2022 mail had 10 Noctilucous Jade and only 1 Flash-Fried Filet for players.

Flash-Fried Filet is a recovery dish with the same stats as Diona’s Definitely Not Bar Food – reviving a character, healing 10% of max HP, then healing an extra 150 HP.

  • Kokomi -2/22

Kokomi has one had 1 piece of in-game mail so far. It contained 1 Guide to Transience and 1 portion of A Stunning Stratagem.

A Stunning Stratagem is a HP recovery dish. It heals 16% Max HP + 1,350 to a selected character.

  • Bennett – 2/29

With 2 pieces of birthday mail, Bennett has gifted players a few things! In 2021 his mail had 1 Everflame seed and, 1 Teyvat Charred Egg.

In 2022 it featured 1 Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth as well as 1 Teyvat Charred Egg.

Teyvat Charred Egg is one of the easiest revival items to stock up on in-game – only needing an egg in terms of ingredients & Bennett to cook it!

It revives a character, and heals 10% Map HP + 150 HP.

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Genshin Impact March Birthdays


5 Characters currently have their birthdays in March!

  • Qiqi – 3/3

Qiqi is another character with 2 pieces of birthday mail. Her 2021 mail included 1 portion of No Tomorrow and, 10 Whopperflower Nectar.

In 2022, the mail featured 10 Wheat, and another portion of No Tomorrow.

No Tomorrow is Qiqi’s specialty and is the first attack-boosting dish we’ll take about today! The dish increases your party’s CRIT damage and CRIT rate by 20% for 300 seconds!

  • Shenhe – 3/10

Shenhe’s only birthday mail is from 2022. It contained 10 Whopperflower Nectar, and 1 portion of Heartstring Noodles.

The dish Heartstring Noodles boosts your party members’ attack for 300 seconds. Your attack is boosted by 274.

  • Jean – 3/14

With 2 pieces of birthday mail, Jean has been helping players get much-needed items for 2 years! In 2021 her mail featured 10 Philanemo Mushrooms and 1 invigorating Pizza.

In 2022 this changed to 3 Windwheel Asters, 2 Chaos Cores and, 1 invigorating Pizza.

Invigorating Pizza heals a select character over time! It heals 34% Max HP before then healing 980 HP per 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

  • Noelle – 3/21

Since Noelle was released with the first part of the game, she has had 2 birthday letters! In 2021 it contained 3 portions of Satisfying Salad, and 3 portions of Lighter-than-air Pancakes.

Whilst in 2022 it held 5 Adventurer’s Experience, and 1 portion of Lighter-than-air Pancakes.

Lighter-than-air Pancake is a revival dish, healing a fallen character with 15% of their Max HP and 550 HP afterward.

  • Kamisato Ayato – 3/26

Currently, Ayato hasn’t had any birthday mail as his in-game release (March 30) took place after his birthday. Although there was no official art made by Hoyoverse, that didn’t stop fans from showering the new Hydro user with plenty of birthday wishes on Twitter.

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Genshin Impact April Birthdays


There are only 3 characters with birthdays in April.

  • Aloy – 4/4

Despite Aloy not exactly being a fan-favorite that doesn’t stop her from giving gifts to players on her birthday. Her 2022 mail included 10 Raw meat, and 1 portion of Satiety Gel.

Satiety Gel heals a character by 16% of their Max HP as well as a further 1,350 HP.

  • Xiao – 4/17

This Yaksha has had 2 pieces of birthday mail for players to claim. In 2021 it contained 10 Crystal Cores and 1 portion of “Sweet Dream”.

Similarly his 2022 mail contained a portion of “Sweet Dream”, alongside 5 Starconches.

“Sweet Dream” is an attack-boosting dish. It buffs your attack by 114 for 300 seconds.

With rumors circulating about a Xiao rerun in 2.7 be sure to check out our list of Primogem Codes so you can start saving!

  • Diluc – 4/30

Recently celebrating his birthday, Diluc has now gifted players with 2 pieces of mail! In 2021 it featured 5 portions of Apple Cider, as well as 1 portion of “Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt”.

In 2022, this changed to 10 Valberries alongside 1 portion of “Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt”.

Similarly to Qiqi’s dish (No Tomorrow), “Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt” boosts your CRIT damage and CRIT rate by 20% for 300 seconds.

Genshin Impact May Birthdays


Currently, there are 3 characters with birthdays in May – however only one of them has had in-game mail.

  • Gorou – 5/18

Gorou will likely gift players his speciality dish – Victorious Legend – for his birthday. This is an amazing recovery dish!

Victorious Legend heals 2,350 HP to a character of your choosing alongside 40% of their max HP!

  • Yun Jin – 5/21

Similar to Gorou, Yun Jin hasn’t celebrated her birthday in-game yet. Furthermore, players can expect to get her special dish – Cloud-Shrouded Jade – in their mailbox soon!

Cloud-Shrouded Jade is classed an adventuring dish! it cuts the stamina consumption for party members whilst sprinting by 25% for 1500 seconds.

  • Fischl – 5/27

The only character to currently have celebrated their birthday in May, Fischl’s 2021 letter contained 10 Crystal Cores and a portion of Die Heilige Sinfonie.

Die Heilige Sinfonie focuses specifically on Physical damage, boosting it for party members by 55% for 300 seconds.

Genshin Impact June Birthdays


  • Paimon – 6/1

Despite not being a playable character, Paimon isn’t exempt from gifting players something on her birthday. Her 2021 letter contained 5 Sugar, 5 Flour and 10 Slime Condensate.

  • Arataki Itto – 6/1

Itto is yet another character who currently hasn’t experienced his birthday in-game yet. Players will likely find themselves receiving a portion of Way of the Strong soon!

Way of the Strong is a revival dish restoring 15% of Max HP alongside 550 HP.

On the topic of Itto, it’s likely that Kuki Shinobu – (a character speculated to be added with the 2.7 update alongside Yelan) Itto’s deputy, will have her birthday revealed when she is implemented into the game.

There are current rumors that her birthday is July 27 though these are currently unconfirmed.

  • Lisa – 6/9

Lisa’s 2021 birthday mail included 10 Calla Lilies alongside a portion of Mysterious Bolognese.

Mysterious Bolognese is a great dish for healing over time. It initially heals 26% of a character’s Max HP, afterward healing 570 HP per 5 seconds for 30 seconds!

  • Venti – 6/16

The Anemo Archon has currently had one birthday in-game! In 2021 his mail contained 10 Windwheel Asters as well as 1 portion of A Buoyant Breeze!

A Buoyant Breeze is a great dish for players that focus on exploring! The dish cuts the stamina consumption for both Gliding and Sprinting by 25% for 1800 seconds!

  • Yoimiya – 6/21

Yoimiya currently hasn’t had a birthday in-game. Players should expect to see her speciality dish – Summer Festival Fish – in their mailboxes soon though!

Summer Festival Fish, just like Gorou’s speciality dish, heals 40% Max HP + 2,350 HP for a character.

  • Raiden Shogun – 6/26

Ei is a special case for birthday gifts. It’s likely that she’ll have gifts similar to Paimon as she has no special dish.

This is due to the fact that within the game, players cannot select Ei to use the cooking mechanic.

  • Yae Miko – 6/27

Fukuuchi Udon is Yae Miko’s speciality dish as well as a revival dish! The dish restores 15% Max HP for a character alongside an extra 550 HP., whilst also reviving a fallen character.

Players should expect a portion of this dish to find its way to their inbox when Yae Miko’s birthday rolls around!

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Genshin Impact July Birthdays


  • Barbara – 7/5

Barbara’s 2021 birthday mail contained 10 Dandelion seeds and 1 portion of Spicy Stew. It’s probably players will receive another portion of Spicy stew this year for Barbara’s birthday too.

Spicy Stew is Barbara’s speciality dish, which cuts the stamina cost of sprinting by 25% for 1,500 seconds.

  • Sara – 7/14

Sara is the final character on this list to currently have not celebrated their birthday. It’s highly likely that her special dish – Faith Eternal – is highly probable to arrive in players’ mailboxes alongside another gift when her birthday arrives.

Faith Eternal is a great revival dish if you’re in a pinch! It heals 10% max HP + 150 HP alongside reviving a fallen character.

  • Hu Tao – 7/15

The 2021 letter for Hu Tao’s birthday contained 10 Violetgrass alongside 1 portion of Ghostly March. Within 2 days players will get great revival items from both Sara and Hu Tao’s letters!

Ghostly March heals 15% max HP + 550 HP whilst reviving a defeated character.

  • Tartaglia – 7/20

Childe’s birthday letter in 2021 featured 5 Starsilver, 5 Chilled meat and 1 Portion of A Prize Catch. Despite his bloodthirsty nature, Childe’s special dish focuses on boosting defense!

A Prize Catch boosts your defense by 282 for 300 seconds.

  • Klee – 7/27

Klee amazed players with her 2021 birthday gift: 1 Juvenile Jade as well as 1 portion of Fish-Flavoured Toast. Similarly to Childe’s special dish, Klee’s dish focuses on boosting defense.

Fish-Flavoured Toast boosts your defense by 151 for 300 seconds.

  • Yanfei – 7/28

Yanfei’s 2021 birthday letter contained 1 Guide to Prosperity and 1 portion of “My Way”.

“My Way”, just like Ghostly March (Hu Tao’s special dish) heals 15% of a character’s max HP + 550 HP as well as reviving a downed character.

Genshin Impact August Birthdays


There are currently only 3 characters with birthdays in August. All 3 have had 1 in-game letter.

  • Amber – 8/10

Back in 2021, Amber’s birthday letter gifted players with 10 Dandelion Seeds and 1 Outrider’s Champion Steak!

Outrider’s Champion Steak! is a revival dish. It heals 10% max HP + 150 HP alongside reviving a fallen character. In-game it costs 2 Raw meat to cook (using Amber) – making it a great dish to stock up on before tough fights!

  • Ningguang – 8/26

Ningguang spoiled players with her gifts in her 2021 birthday letter. It contained 1 Glaze lily as well as 8 portions of Qiankun Mora Meat.

Qiankun has the same effects as Outrider’s Champion Steak!, healing 10% of a character’s max HP + 150 HP whilst also getting them back in the fight after being defeated.

  • Mona – 8/31

Mona gifted players with 3 Teachings of Gold in her 2021 birthday letter, as well as 1 portion of Der Weisheit Letzter Schluss (Life) – her special dish.

Der Weisheit Letzer Schluss (Life) increased your CRIT rate by 16%. This effect takes place for 300 seconds.

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Genshin Impact September Birthdays


  • Chongyun – 9/7

10 Silk Flowers and 1 portion of Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies are what players found in the mailbox attached to Chongyun’s 2021 birthday letter.

Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies are an adventuring dish, which reinstates 80 stamina for players.

  • Razor – 9/9

Razor gifted players some useful character ascension material for his 2021 birthday letter. This letter contained 10 Cecilias as well as 1 portion of a Puppy-Paw Hash Brown.

Puppy-Paw Hash Brown, as well as being a recovery dish, is Razor’s special dish! It heals 40% of a character’s Max HP + 2,350 HP.

  • Albedo – 9/13

Back in 2021, Albedo gifted players 1 Woodland dream dish and 2 Berry and Mint bursts in his birthday mail.

Woodland Dream focuses specifically on buffing shields. It increases the strength of shields by 35% for 300 seconds.

  • Kamisato Ayaka – 9/28

One of the two characters released alongside the nation of Inazuma, Ayaka has had 1 in-game birthday. Her 2021 letter included 10 Sakura blooms as well as 1 portion of her special dish “Snow on the Hearth”

This dish allows a fallen character to be revived. It also heals said character 20% of their Max HP + 1500 extra HP.

With her current rerun banner ongoing, if you’re one of the lucky players to have pulled her, we have an Ayaka build guide that may prove useful!

Genshin Impact October Birthdays


  • Xingqiu -10/9

Xingqiu has had 2 birthdays in-game, as such he has had 2 letters! In 2020 this letter included 3 Teachings of Ballad alongside 1 portion of All-Delicacy Parcels.

In 2021 his gifts in the letter changed to 10 Silk Flowers as well as 1 portion of All-Delicacy Parcels.

All-Delicacy Parcels is a dish that heals over time. It heals 26% of a character’s Max HP first, before healing 570 HP per 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

  • Xinyan – 10/16

Xinyan has only had 1 birthday in-game so far. Her 2021 letter included 1 portion of Rockin’ Riffin’ Chicken! plus 10 Cuihua Wood.

Rockin’ Riffin’ Chicken! has the same effects as Mona’s special dish – increasing your CRIT rate by 16% for 300 seconds.

  • Sayu – 10/19

Sayu’s first birthday letter in 2021 included 10 pieces of Unagi meat as well as 1 portion of her special dish – Dizziness-be-Gone no Jutsu Version 2.0.

This dish is another dish that heals over time. It heals 26% of a character’s Max HP before then healing an extra 570 HP per 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

  • Eula – 10/25

Eula has only had 1 in-game birthday so far. In 2021 her letter featured 1 Stormcrest Pie dish and 1 Guide to Resistance.

Although her in-game personality focuses more on attacking people (with her need for ‘vengeance’) it’s eventually revealed that this is more of a need to defend herself. Her special dish reflects this!

Stormcrest Pie focuses on boosting characters’ shields strength alongside their basic defense – shields are buffed by 40% while characters are buffed by 282. Both of these buffs last for a duration of 300 seconds.

  • Kazuha – 10/29

Like Eula, Kazuha has only has 1 in-game birthday currently. His 2021 letter contained 1 Guide to Elegance, alongside 1 portion of his special dish – All-Weather Beauty.

This dish heals a character 16% of their Max HP. it then heals an extra 1,350 HP on top of that!

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Genshin Impact November birthdays


  • Xiangling – 11/2

Xiangling has had 2 in-game birthdays -2022 and 2021. Her 2020 letter held 10 Slime Condensate plus 1 portion of Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish – her signature dish. In 2021 this changed to 5 Pufferfish, 1 portion of Chilli-Mince Cornbread Buns and 1 portion of Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish.

Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled fish is yet another dish that heals over time. The initial healing amount the dish gives is 34% of the character’s max HP. It then heals an extra 980 HP per 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

  • Keqing – 11/20

Keqing is another character with 2 birthday letters that players have benefitted from. In 2020 this letter contained 10 pieces of Cor Lapis as well as 1 portion of her special dish – Survival Grilled Fish.

In 2021 this changed to 10 Qingxin and 1 Survival Grilled Fish. The dish lives up to the name – helping your character survive during fights!

Survival Grilled Fish heals your character the sum of 16% of their Max HP + 1,350.

  • Sucrose – 11/26

Sucrose has also had 2 birthdays in-game. Her first letter in 2020 contained 1 Hurricane Seed as well as 1 portion of Sucrose’s speciality – Nutritious Meal (v.593).

In 2021 her letter featured 5 Spectral Nucleus as well as 1 portion of Nutritious Meal (V.593).

This dish heals a character for 20% of their Max HP as well as an extra 1,500 HP. Furthermore, it also revives the fallen character the dish is used on.

  • Kaeya – 11/30

Kaeya has had 2 letters for his birthday – 2020 and 2021. His 2020 letter gifted players with 5 portions of Apple Cider and 1 Portion of his speciality dish, Fruity Skewers.

In 2021 this shifted to include 10 Crystal Cores alongside 1 portion of Fruity Skewers.

His dish allows characters to heal the amount equal to 16% of their Max HP. It then has an extra 1,350 HP worth of healing applied.

Genshin Impact December Birthdays


  • Ganyu – 12/2

Ganyu is the final character on this list to currently have only given 1 letter to players. Her 2021 letter contained 5 Qingxin, 1 Qingxin seed and 1 portion of her speciality dish – Prosperous Peace.

This dish is amazing for restoring HP to your character! It heals 40% of their Max HP before then healing a further 2,350 HP.

  • Zhongli – 12/31

Zhongli has gifted players with 2 birthday letters in-game. In 2020 his letter included 1 Philosophy of Gold and 1 portion of his special dish – Slow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup.

In 2021 his letter changed its contents to feature 1 Dream Solvent alongside 1 portion of Slow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup.

The soup is another dish that heals over time. The initial healing amount is equal to 34% of the character’s Max HP. A further 980 HP is added to the healing every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

Finally, for players looking to cook any of these dishes for themselves, Hoyoverse actually has recipes for the real life versions of the dishes here! (However, a translation app /extension may be needed.)

Or, since the 2.7 Livestream has been delayed, make sure to read about what we currently know.

So, whose birthday are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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