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Warzone Roze Skin Counter – How To Beat Pay To Win Skins Easily

This clever Warzone player has come up with a genius way to counter Roze skins in Warzone.

Like most battle royale games, Warzone has plenty of different character skins players can use. However, some are better than others.

Some players have labeled certain skins as pay-to-win because they give players certain advantages. However, this genius tactic helps stop players from exploiting pay-to-win skins in Warzone.

Pay to Win Skins?

Many Warzone players have had problems with the Rook skin for the Roze operator in the past. Many players claim that it is pay to win, due to the very small character model as even more importantly, it being all black.

This makes it very easy for players using the Roze skin to hide in the many dark corners of Verdansk. It also makes them difficult to spot and even harder to hit because of the operator’s size.

Find out how totally broken the Rook skin for Roze is in Warzone.

However, one clever player has found the best way to counter this “pay-to-win” Roze skin in Warzone.

Warzone Pay to Win Rook Roze Skin

How to Counter Roze Skins

Sprays aren’t used very often in Warzone, but this might be the best use for them yet.

Redditor TheMazilla is the Warzone hero we all need right now. On a one-man mission to stop Roze skins from winning in Warzone, hopefully, these heroics will inspire others too.

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In the pre-match lobby, TheMazilla tracks down players using the Rook skin for Roze and spray paints them. Rather ironically, he uses the Target spray paint to make the Roze skins way more visible than they usually would be.

Spray paint lasts until the player dies. This means that Warzone players using the Roze skin will be easy to spot until their first trip to the Gulag.

Players might also want to spray players using this glitched Warzone skin that makes players totally invisible too.

TheMazilla Reddit

However, if the Roze skin isn’t for you, then there are plenty of other cool skins to use in Warzone. These are the best movie-inspired skins in Warzone.

Meanwhile, Warzone players have a lot to look forward to. A new Easter Egg is teasing an upcoming Nova 6 event, while there may also be a new Zombies mode coming to Warzone soon.

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