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The Ganondorf TOTK amiibo is finally making its way to stores, and to prepare, Nintendo has already opened up pre-orders for it and revealed its rewards.

Nintendo had already revealed how the main three characters of TOTK amiibos would look, but they hadn’t revealed when we’d see them released. That all changed during the September 14, 2023 Nintendo Direct.

Here is where you can pre-order the Ganondorf TOTK amiibo, its release date, and all the drops that you will earn by scanning it onto your Nintendo Switch.

Where to Pre Order Ganondorf TOTK amiibo

You can pre-order the Ganondorf amiibo for Tears of the Kingdom right now for $19.99 at the following retailers:

We will update this article with more retailers as soon as we see more pop up.

Ganondorf TOTK Amiibo Figure

Ganondorf TOTK amiibo Release Date

The Ganondorf amiibo for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be released on November 3, 2023, alongside the Zelda amiibo. However, there is no way to purchase them together.

To get both amiibos, you will still need to buy them separately. Since both characters are incredibly popular, there is a high chance that the Ganondorf TOTK amiibo will sell out.

Ganondorf Tears of the Kingdom amiibo

We recommend pre-ordering the amiibo as soon as possible to guarantee that you will own one on the release date.

What Does the Ganondorf TOTK amiibo Give You?

The Ganondorf TOTK amiibo will drop weapons, materials, and a special fabric for your paraglider as a reward when you scan it using your Nintendo Switch.

You can see the exact fabric that you receive for your paraglider below:

Ganondorf Paraglider Amiibo Drop

It features the same design that Ganondorf has on his outfit when you see him in Tears of the Kingdom. This is the only way to obtain this paraglider fabric, so make sure you pre-order your Ganondorf amiibo to get it.

You can also obtain other special fabrics for your paraglider by purchasing and scanning the other Tears of the Kingdom amiibo figures: