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GameStop’s Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Restock Week Disappoints Again

GameStop had several Halo Infinite Xbox Series X hardware restocks this week and they were a big disappointment for fans.

This week, GameStop restocked the Halo Infinite Elite Controller and the Xbox Series X bundles.

Namely, these restock were Pro member early access drops.

Being that GameStop was the only retailer restocking this highly anticipated hardware, things went south quickly.

In detail, the whole experience resulted in many disgruntled GameStop customers.

Now, everything is over and the disappointment left is real.

GameStop Halo Infinite Restock Week Disappoints

GameStop’s Halo Infinite Restock Week In a Nutshell

Specifically, GameStop restocks started on Tuesday, October 12th.

Unfortunately, the first drop just marked the way to what would become a disappointing week for fans.

Many fans even described the Halo Infinite restock as the worst drop in GameStop’s history.

First Day Drop Summary: Fans Disappointed After GameStop Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Restock – October 12

Now that all three restocks are over, gamers are counting their losses.

Furthermore, some stated that they tried each day, leaving with nothing but disappointment.

Also, many upset GameStop customers pointed out how the whole Halo Infinite restock week was plagued with errors and bugs.

Avoid Issues During Restocks – Tips to Help Buy PS5, Xbox Series X Restocks From Gamestop

The Halo Infinite Elite Controller and GameStop Super Fan Bundle

Some unfortunate gamers just wanted the Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Controller from GameStop.

Sadly, most just ended up watching how scalpers uploaded many more units to eBay and other sites.

Second Day Drop Summary: GameStop Pro Members Infuriated After Halo Infinite Controller Restock

To end up the GameStop Halo Infinite restock saga, the disappointment revolved around today’s Halo Infinite Super Fan bundle restock.

In detail, the Halo Infinite Super Fan bundle boasted an incredibly high price tag.

Although, this didn’t stop hardcore Halo fans who wanted one.

Regrettably, most gamers ended up empty-handed.

Since this was the last day of restocks, the tension was even higher.

Many refreshed their browsers over and over, to no avail.

Third Day Drop Summary: Thousands Miss Out On Halo Super Fan Bundle From GameStop

After all of this, there is only hope that more Halo Infinite Xbox Series X consoles will be restocked either at GameStop or elsewhere.

GameStop stealthily dropped some Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundles before dropping the Super Fan bundle.

Hopefully, this indicates the retailer might continue preparing small drops of this console.

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Comments 2


Michael Honaker

Thursday 21st of October 2021

Scalping on these needs to be illegal. They have to be using some type of automated system to be able to steal these like they are. I was able to get a bundle in my cart through Microsft, but as soon as I went to "Checkout", it was out of stock. NO MORE ONLINE ONLY PRE-ORDERS!!!!!

Jay Dean

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

I tried pre ordering for all 3 as a pro member on my tablet, phone, laptop, PC, and my brother's laptop, it stayed unavailable for each drop. Stop doing online drops and make people physically come to the stores to pre-order!!!