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In-Store GameStop Xbox Series X Restock Confirmed for March 18

GameStop is holding a huge Xbox Series X restock event on Friday, March 18, 2022 – here’s how to check if your local store will be selling the console!

The Xbox Series X has become more readily available so far this year, but we still aren’t at the point where the consoles are on store shelves everywhere.

Luckily, there are regular restocks giving gamers the chance to buy a new console. Plus, they aren’t even online-only anymore!

GameStop has announced an in-store Xbox Series X restock event at stores across the country. Here’s how you can get yourself a new console in the stock drop!

But first, check out every expected Xbox Series X restock this week!


GameStop In-Store Xbox Series X Restock Locations – March 18

Recently, GameStop reduced the price of its Xbox Series X bundles. It looks like this bundle will be the one in stores for the March 18 restock event!

The GameStop in-store Xbox Series X restock event on March 18 will be exclusively for Pro members. This means you’ll have to pay a little extra to become a member, although it’ll be worth it if you’ve been after a console for a while.

Additionally, it being in-store means you don’t have to worry about beating scalpers to secure your Xbox Series X.

Hundreds of GameStop stores across the country will be selling the console. Plus, the retailer has already confirmed the exact locations that will be selling the bundles.

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GameStop Xbox Series X Restock March 17

Have a look at the GameStop Store Locator. This will tell you if there will be Xbox Series X consoles on sale in your local GameStop on March 18.

Be prepared to get in line though. We don’t expect that it’ll be as busy as previous in-store restocks that had overnight campers and huge queues, but there will still be plenty of gamers after the console.

Also, make sure to check your inbox for Microsoft Store email invites. The last Microsoft store Xbox Series X drop took place a couple of weeks ago, meaning it could happen again very soon.

Finally, it looks like it’ll be a huge year for Xbox fans. Find out the most anticipated Xbox Series X games of 2022!

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Thursday 17th of March 2022

What’s the price been reduced to?

Thursday 17th of March 2022

@LB, $649.99