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GameStop Xbox Series X Restock Taking Place In-Store Today – January 8

A new GameStop in-store restock is taking place for the Xbox Series X today, January 8.

If you’re still looking for a next-gen gaming console, you’re in luck! GameStop is offering a brand-new in-store restock for the Xbox Series X in select stores across the U.S.

Recently, we’ve noticed regular restocks appearing in-store at GameStop. And while many of them see gamers camping out for hours on end, today’s drop won’t be quite as popular.

After all, evidence suggests that the Xbox Series X shortage is finally at an end, with reduced demand and increased supply.


In fact, we’re even seeing Xbox Series X prices dropping as scalpers struggle to sell their supply!

Now, today’s restock gives fans yet another chance at nabbing an Xbox Series X in January 2022.

GameStop In-Store Xbox Series X Restock – January 8

If you’re on the hunt for an Xbox Series X, GameStop’s January 8 restock could be just what you’re looking for.

Today, GameStop is confirming that it will have Xbox Series X bundles at select locations across the United States.

These bundles include:

  • An Xbox Series X console,
  • Call of Duty Vanguard,
  • Far Cry 6,
  • NBA 2K22,
  • And a $50 GameStop Gift Card.

As such, we anticipate that you’ll be paying a little more for your next-gen system than purchasing it outright. However, there’s another retailer that sells Xbox consoles in-store every single day, and does so individually.

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gamestop xbox series x in-store restock January 8

In the past, GameStop has given us a list of stores that drop in-store restocks. To check if your local retailer is taking part in the January 8 Xbox restock, here’s a link to the store checker.

GameStop also currently has a sale on for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 with some of the best prices the gamepad has ever seen.

And evidence suggests that GameStop could even have a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restock very soon too!

It’s currently unclear as to whether you’ll need to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro member for today’s restock. We’ll update this article as more details arrive.

For all the latest Xbox Series X restock information, click here!

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Saturday 8th of January 2022

This was complete shit... Went to two locations listed as receiving drops and both locations employees stated that they were not notified of any drop and had no stock available...