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GameStop Xbox Series X Restock Dropping Imminently – January 11

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There’s another next-gen restock coming to GameStop today, with Xbox Series X consoles up for grabs on January 11.

It feels as though GameStop is becoming the undisputed king of next-gen restocks as of late. Last week, the store dropped Xbox stock online and then even offered up an in-store restock for GameStop customers over the weekend.

Now, the retailer is going live yet again with a January 11 drop, and Xbox Series X consoles will be in the spotlight.

What’s more, we even have new reports that a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restock is coming to GameStop very soon!

Xbox Series X

GameStop Xbox Series X Restock Bundles – January 11

Today’s January 11 restock has Xbox Series X bundles up for grabs at GameStop for those still on the hunt.

If you’re still searching for that Xbox Series X of your dreams, GameStop is the place to look on January 11. The retailer is offering up another online restock for fans, exclusively in bundle-form.

You’ll be paying a little more for your console due to the bundled products, but there’s a silver lining. Scalpers rarely bother to snatch up more expensive stock like this, and resellers are currently struggling to shift their existing stock as is.

In fact, we’ve seen Xbox Series X prices dropping as scalpers struggle to sell their console stock in 2022.

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GameStop has 2 Xbox Series X bundles up for grabs today, one coming with Far Cry 6 and NBA 2K22, plus a $50 GameStop voucher and 3 months of Xbox Game Pass.

The other, interestingly enough, comes with a Wireless Elite Controller Series 2, as well as a GameStop voucher and 3 months of Xbox Game Pass. However, this doesn’t appear to be as cheap as getting GameStop’s new Elite Controller discount that’s been on offer recently.

You can find the 2 bundles below, with GameStop’s January 11 restock set to go live at 8 AM PT/ 11 AM ET. Simply click the links at the appropriate time for an easy purchase.

Don’t worry if you miss out! We’ve got these new Xbox Series X restocks arriving this week at several major retailers!

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Zach Wilson

Tuesday 11th of January 2022

Big thanks for the heads up on the GameStop Xbox drop. I am a pro member and was not notified about this drop in advance (as they said they would). Had it not been for your article I would not have known and would not be expecting a Xbox X Series in a couple of weeks.