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GameStop Thanksgiving Stores List Released for PS5 & Xbox Restock Bundle Event

GameStop in-store event participating locations have been disclosed in a particular way this time, here are all the tricks for you to know if your store is participating.

Most retailers have already announced their console restock plans for Black Friday.

GameStop is no exception to this statement. A few days ago, GameStop announced it plans an in-store PS5 and Xbox Series X restock for Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

Generally, reports indicate which stores will be participating in these events.

Although, this time around, the situation is different.

GameStop has disclosed the list of participating stores for its PS5 and Xbox Series X Thanksgiving restock by the schedule each store will follow.

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GameStop In Store PS5 Xbox Series X Thanksgiving Event

How to Check for GameStop PS5 and Xbox Series X Thanksgiving Stock In-Store

UPDATE: The full list of GameStop Stores in the PS5 and Xbox Series X restock is now available.

There is a quick way to find out if your local store will be participating in this event.

Go to GameStop’s store locator and find the nearest store in your location.

Check if your local store opens from 5 PM to 9 PM, if it does, the store is participating in the Thanksgiving PS5 and Xbox Series X in-store restock event.

GameStop itself suggested you follow this method through its official Twitter account.

The store finder features a city, state, and zip code search bar. You can also customize the mile radius you want to cover on the lookup.

After you customize your search, you will get a list of stores in the area. Each of these results includes the store’s phone number.

With this information, you can call the GameStop stores near you just to double-check if they are participating in the Thanksgiving PS5 and Xbox Series X in-store restock.

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GameStop Store Finder PS5 Xbox Series X Restock Event

At the beginning of the month, reports suggested GameStop was hoarding PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles for Black Friday.

If true, this will indicate a significant in-store event coming up and good chances to finally get your PS5 or Xbox Series X console!

Lastly, for budget purposes, remember that this is a bundle restock. Here are all the details of what is included in the GameStop PS5 and Xbox Series X Thanksgiving bundles.

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