As a last-moment saving resource, many gamers are getting PlayStation Portal pre-owned units at GameStop.

Considering the portable accessory debuted on November 15, all pre-owned units would have a month or, in most cases, even less use time.

With that in mind, if you want a PS Portal before Christmas and don’t mind getting a used one, GameStop is a great option! Here’s how to get one.

How to Get a Pre-owned PlayStation Portal

To get a pre-owned PlayStation Portal from GameStop, simply call your nearest location and ask for in-store availability.

  1. Before proceeding, consider if getting a pre-owned PS Portal is the best option for you. A used unit, according to reports, retails at approximately $189.99 and $180.49 for Pro members.
  2. Find the phone number of the nearest GameStop stores around you using the store locator.
  3. Call the store that works best for you and ask the store employee if they have any pre-owned units available.
    • For most GameStops, an automated message will play once the call is picked up. Press 1 to speak with a representative.
    • Pro-Tip: Also, ask for any new stock as well in case they have any left. Some stores have received PS Portal stock randomly before, so it’s worth asking. The price difference between a pre-owned and a new one is very low, so buy a new unit whenever possible.
    • If the nearest store to you has no units, use the Radius tool of the store locator to find other stores in your vicinity.
GameStop Store Locator Radius Filter
  1. If the employee confirms they have a unit, kindly ask if they can keep it for you as you drive to the store.
    • Do not skip this step! Due to high demand, a few minutes could make the difference between you getting your PS Portal or someone walking in and snatching it away.
    • Please be kind to the staff. Not all stores can keep items for you, so be prepared to get to the location as fast as possible.
  2. Complete your purchase.

Tips & Tricks to Pick a Pre-Owned PS Portal

  • Make sure you check every single button on the device thoroughly.
    • This includes pressing the left and right sticks for R3 and L3 and checking the adaptive triggers.
  • Look at the screen and carefully inspect for any significant scratches that could interfere with gameplay.
  • Review all the device casing, looking for any dents or signs that could indicate the device was dropped.
  • If possible, turn on the device and see if there are no dead pixels on the screen.
    • These can be seen as “stuck” pixels that remain a certain color despite the image on the screen.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi is detecting nearby networks. Often, Wi-Fi is one of the first components to malfunction in handhelds.
  • Lastly, talk with the GameStop representative about return policies and warranty so you are well informed in case of any issue with your unit.
Already got one preowned at GameStop.
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Is It a Good Idea to Get a Pre-owned PS Portal?

If everything looks fine with the unit, getting a pre-owned PlayStation Portal at GameStop is not a bad idea if you really want one before Christmas.

You also have a 7-day return window in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Per our call with a GameStop representative, this is the only warranty you will get for a pre-owned Portal if you are not a Pro member. Pro members get an additional 30-day guarantee on pre-owned devices.

All in all, making this decision really depends on the state of the PlayStation Portable units available at your local GameStop.

You can examine the device yourself with the tips mentioned above. With that assessment, you can determine if everything is alright with the external hardware.

The PS Portal is a handheld that won’t work for all gamers. This can result in many returns with just a few days of use:

  • Some people lack the needed Wi-Fi requirements to make the Portal work
  • A few confused buyers believe this is a standalone handheld that does not require a PS5 console and purchase a unit by mistake
  • A number of gamers buy accessories to try them out, but eventually return them if they didn’t meet expectations
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Since it is a recently launched accessory, most pre-owned units will have less than a month of use. This means most PS Portals there should be intact, unless they were poorly handled by the previous owner.

All of these intact returned units are perfect for those who want a PS Portal before the end of the year.

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