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GameStop Restocks Xbox Series X In-Store At Select Locations From Today

Restocks continue going strong this December as GameStop announces an Xbox Series X in-store restock at select stores.

Xbox Series X scarcity is still an issue. But, even with the console’s high demand, restocks are still exploding this December 2021.

Microsoft has undoubtedly tried to keep as much stock as possible. Retailers constantly restocked the console to complement these efforts and developed clever methods to keep scalpers away.

Unfortunately, this cooperation is still insufficient to accommodate the vast Xbox Series X demand.

Of course, this will not stop retailers from keeping on trying! For instance, GameStop is making its next move to keep Xbox Series X players happy.


GameStop Xbox Series X In-Store Restock Locations

GameStop announced that starting today, you can buy from their Xbox Series X stock directly in-store at select locations.

The retailer shared this great news through its official Twitter account today.

If you want to check if your local GameStop participates in this program, you can use the store locator here.

This is not the first time GameStop has hosted an Xbox Series X in-store event. But, it is the first time it has happened basically in a countrywide scope.

Xbox Series X stock seems to be on the rise lately. Recently, hundred of gamers celebrated getting their consoles on Christmas morning.

Apparently, this is an international trend as Amazon UK’s latest Xbox Series X restock lasted hours.

Additionally, GameStop had such amounts of Xbox Series X consoles that it hosted a Christmas leftover stock drop on December 24.

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Restocks might be getting better in regards amount of units per drop. But, this improvement does not mean that scarcity will soon be over.

According to tech insiders, Xbox Series X restocks will continue through 2022 and might extend even further in the year.

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