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GameStop Restocks Nintendo Switch OLED – October 15

It’s one week to the day of the Nintendo Switch OLED release and GameStop has a new restock on October 15.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is here and it’s already beginning to turn some heads. The Switch hardware upgrade isn’t everything we thought it would be, but there’s no denying that it’s a popular purchase.

Although many fans were hoping for a Nintendo Switch Pro (and leaks didn’t help matters), the Switch OLED is still a beautiful upgrade.

And if you want to experience the new Metroid Dread or Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC, there’s no better console to do it on!

Nintendo Switch OLED

Unfortunately, many pre-orders for the Switch OLED are already being delayed.

And the new Nintendo Switch is selling for insane money on eBay too!

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Nintendo Switch OLED Restock at GameStop – October 15

It seems that today’s GameStop Nintendo Switch OLED restock dropped completely out of the blue on October 15.

Although GameStop often announces major drops in advance, today’s Nintendo Switch OLED restock came with no warning. The retailer is currently going live with new Switch OLED bundles including games such as Metroid Dread and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

GameStop Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

What’s more, it appears that you don’t even need to be GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro member to take advantage of the new stock.

However, if you’re looking to place your order, there’s one thing you should know.

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How to Buy Switch OLED at GameStop

Many users are reporting that they’re having success checking out the Nintendo Switch OLED at GameStop with Apple Pay.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this but GameStop appears to have a weakness for the payment method. Using Apple’s system appears to allow you to beat the crowds and checkout with ease.

We’ve got more vital tips to help you buy a next-gen console from GameStop here!

Check out today’s GameStop Switch OLED bundles below:

Finally, be sure you know the difference between the Nintendo Switch v Lite v OLED systems!

Although it’s always nice to have some new hardware, is it worth the investment? Even this Nintendo employee doesn’t recommend the Switch OLED for all fans!

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