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GameStop PS5 & Xbox Series X/S Restock Imminent – August 31

It looks as though we’re getting a new GameStop restock for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles today, August 31!

Despite it being almost a year after the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, both consoles are still difficult to come by. Thankfully, new restocks are dropping every week.

Today, it looks as though GameStop is preparing to end August with a bang, with both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles up for grabs.

(Source: Sony)

But if you’re on the hunt for a next-gen console, we’ve got the ultimate guides for you – even if you miss out today:

GameStop PS5 & Xbox Series X/S Restock – August 31

It looks like GameStop is teasing buyers about an upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X/S restock on August 31.

On August 30, GameStop put up a not-so-cryptic post on its Twitter, encouraging users to sign up for its PowerUp Rewards Pro scheme. After all, members get early access to new console drops before the rest of the public.

Although the next-gen restock isn’t officially confirmed at this point in time, it won’t be long until we hear more. After all, GameStop does tend to give PowerUp Reward Pro members notice about any upcoming drops in advance.

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X and Elite Controller 2 Scalpers
(Source: Microsoft)

On top of that, we know that GameStop will have the Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X very soon.

And it seems that GameStop will be the only place for fans to pre-order the Halo Wireless Elite Controller 2 besides Microsoft itself!

We’ve got a pre-order guide for the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X if that’s the console you’re after. But if you’re a PS5 fan, don’t worry!

GameStop has been dropping new PS5 consoles almost every week now, sometimes exclusively to PowerUp Reward Pro members. We certainly recommend signing up for the subscription if you’re interested in the next-gen console.

Check out our lighting-fast stock tracker for notice when the PS5 goes live!

Meanwhile, you might be interested in checking out the new PS+ free games for September early!

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Jimmy Faxwells

Tuesday 31st of August 2021

Anyone who reads this don’t listen to this article they do not drop every week I have no idea where this guy got his info but obviously not reliable sources on top of that he claims that GameStop had drops today and I can tell you no they did not don’t believe me? Walk into a gamestop your self and ask them if they had drops Tuesday and they will tell you no

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