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GameStop PS5 & Xbox Series X Restock: In-Store Stock Levels Posted – Thanksgiving / November 25

GameStop stores are posting how many of each console they have in stock ahead of today’s Thanksgiving PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch restocks.

It has been over a year now that players have been struggling to buy a next-gen console. However, for a lucky few gamers, the wait will finally be over today.

In case you missed it, GameStop is holding a huge in-store PS5, Xbox and Switch restock on Thanksgiving. Although, of course, the number of consoles available will still be limited.

Luckily, ahead of the big restock, GameStop stores are posting the stock numbers of each console at every store. You’ll definitely want to know this before you join the line.

Here are all of the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch bundles at GameStop for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


PS5, Xbox Series X & Switch OLED Stock Levels at GameStop Stores on Thanksgiving Revealed

Once you have checked the list of GameStop stores participating in today’s Thanksgiving PS5, Xbox and Switch restocks, you’ll then want to know how many of each console your store has in stock.

Luckily, many GameStop stores have already posted the stock numbers of consoles on the window.

If you are planning to take part in this nationwide restock, we recommend heading down soon.

Customers have been camping outside GameStop stores since last night to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

GameStop Thanksgiving PS5 Stock Levels
@slabs710 Twitter

By the looks of it, every GameStop store has at least a dozen PS5 consoles in stock. However, the highest reported number we have seen so far is 24.

Meanwhile, some stores have no Xbox Series X consoles available, while others have as high as 24. Again, the level of stock varies depending on how large the store is and also the local availability.

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GameStop Thanksgiving Xbox Stock Levels
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Additionally, the Xbox Series S and the GameStop Black Friday Switch bundle seems to be more common with many stores stocking plenty of these. Although, these aren’t exactly the most sought after right now.

If you need to know the stock numbers we recommend heading down to your local GameStop store and checking the window. The stock numbers should be listed for you to see.

Don’t give up hope if you miss out on a new console in today’s GameStop restocks. There will be plenty more opportunities over the weekend:

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Adan Sanchez

Thursday 25th of November 2021

Was waiting in line for more than an hour at Gamestop and watching single people walking out with two or more consoles got me irritated as I figured that it will only be one per person so people can actually buy one which is not fair at all since most of these people only buy them to resell at a much greater price really sucks. Nice job Gamestop