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GameStop PS5 Stock Going Live Any Minute Now – April 2

Reports are coming in that suggest that GameStop will be getting new PS5 stock sometime today, April 2. And it could be sooner than you’d think.

It looks like GameStop is the first retailer to pull off an April PS5 restock, with a limited supply of consoles going live any minute now. If you’re still looking for your next-gen console now almost 5 months after launch, this could be your next chance at securing one.

Although some stock alerts have been stating that GameStop is live already, it looks like the retailer isn’t quite ready to go just yet. Either that, or the PS5 restock is being released in waves.

PS5 sales
(Source: Sony)

Make sure to check our PS5 stock trackers below for up to date information about exactly when the GameStop drop goes live:

UPDATE: GameStop is now live!

GameStop April 2 PS5 Restock

It looks like GameStop has some new PS5 bundles up for grabs, and stock is anticipated to go live today, April 2.

This is GameStop’s first PS5 stock update in a while, but we wouldn’t expect it to be a big one. Unfortunately, it looks like stock followers are reporting extremely limited PS5s levels this time around.

However, those who don’t want to wait for Walmart’s long PS5 shipping times may want to try their luck at GameStop anyway. After all, it is steadily getting easier to get your hands on a next-gen console, as we head further into 2021.

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gamestop ps5 restock april
(Source: GameStop)

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Right now, scalpers are lowering their prices as stock continues to trickle out from Sony. And reports suggest that PS Direct is actually the easiest place to get a PS5 restock right now.

Meanwhile, this PS5 retailer is sitting on over 46,000 consoles as it prepares for quite possibly the biggest restock of all time.

(Source: GameStop)

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