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GameStop PS5 In-Store Restock Once Again Proves Productive

GameStop had another PS5 restock in-store event that proved, once again, to be a fruitful offering for gamers.

PS5 console restocks are still a very celebrated event. Each time a retailer announces a restock, players are eager to know all the details and try their luck one more time.

Even after a year in the market, many gamers are still waiting to purchase their consoles. Unfortunately, it seems this situation is not going to change anytime soon.

According to tech insiders, PS5 restocks could continue well into 2022. As these drops continue, things are slowly getting better.

For instance, many retailers like GameStop now have PlayStation 5 in-store restock events. On its latest event, GameStop surprised many customers with a vast amount of PS5 units!


GameStop Customer Celebrate its Latest PS5 In-Store Restock Event

GameStop had a nationwide PS5 in-store restock event today, and many gamers were happy to get their consoles finally.

A total of 38 states participated in this GameStop PS5 restock, with many locations in each state carrying PS5 consoles in-store.

After the rapid announcement of this restock, gamers prepared and went to their stores today as early as possible.

This patience and dedication certainly proved fruitful for many gamers making line to get their consoles.

In detail, this GameStop PS5 restock was dedicated to Pro Members, and, as usual, it was bundles only.

A few hours after stores opened, gamers started celebrating!

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GameStop Pro Customers Celebrate in Its Latest ps5 Restock

Right after the opening hours of some stores, gamers started purchasing their PS5 bundles.

These bundles could vary from store to store, but in essence, most were around $800.

The hype for this restock was so high that some gamers recurred to sneaky tactics and cut the line.

Understandably, things could get a bit confusing during these restocks.

Lines start forming in the early hours of the morning. For this reason, things can get frantic once stock starts getting low and gamers start claiming their spot.

Fortunately, even after some gamers pulled some crazy antics, the celebration party continued.

The family joined forces, and together, they succeeded.

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Not everything was successful in this restock, though. According to a gamer, their location did not carry PS5 units as expected. Although, this seems to be an isolated case.

Lastly, some gamers celebrated their due reward for their patience in this GameStop PS5 in-store restock.

If you could not get a PS5 console, there are still some restocks coming soon.

PS5 restocks have exploded the last days of December, and this trend seems to be going strong for the next week.

According to recent reports, Target plans a massive PS5 restock next week.

PS Direct should be restocking PS5 consoles anytime now. However, this retailer’s drops are invite-only. Here is how you can register and get an email invite from PlayStation Direct.

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Thursday 30th of December 2021

Went in the hunt about a month ago, saw this GameStop drop on Wednesday, got up Thursday morning round 830 got there at 930 walked out at 12 with mine!


Thursday 30th of December 2021

I was going to buy one, but then I realized my 4 year-old gaming PC is still better