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GameStop PS5 In-Store Restock All Locations – January 14

GameStop has revealed all of the store locations that are participating in the January 14 in-store PS5 restock – is yours taking part?

Buying a PS5 was a real struggle in 2021 but things are looking up for gamers trying to get a next-gen console in 2022.

Following rumors that GameStop would hold huge in-store PS5 restocks on January 14, we now have more information about this event. This includes the full list of participating GameStop stores.

With hundreds of locations taking part nationwide, there’s a good chance that PS5s will be on sale at a GameStop near you.

Also, check out every expected PS5 restock happening this week.

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

After the report that PS5 restocks will continue well into 2022, PlayStation fans had hope about getting a console. However, they have been spoiled with restocks so far this year.

The supply of PS5 consoles is finally almost reaching the demand and this means that restocks are becoming less competitive. The January 14 in-store restock at GameStop could be your best chance this month.

Although, many gamers will want to get their hands on the January 14 GameStop PS5 bundle.

Of course, you’ll need to know the locations as well as some top tips for buying consoles from GameStop first.

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GameStop Store Locations – January 14 PS5 Restock

Once you’ve read everything you need to know about the January 14 GameStop PS5 restock, you’ll want to check if your local store is participating.

It’s simple to find out if your local GameStop store is taking part in the restock. All you have to do is check the map on the GameStop website.

There is also a handy search function that lets you find any nearby stores with PS5 stock. All you need to do is type in your city or ZIP code.

Most states have locations selling PS5s so anyone willing to drive a few hours should be able to get one!

Once you know what store you’re heading to, we recommend getting down there early. Previous GameStop in-store restocks have drawn huge queues and overnight campers!

Here’s the map of every GameStop store that will have PS5s on January 14.

GameStop January 14 PS5 Restock Stores Map

Don’t worry if your local store doesn’t have any consoles or you miss out on the GameStop January 14 restock though. There will be plenty more opportunities to get a PS5.

Some lucky gamers have found PS5 consoles in-store at Target recently. This is in addition to PlayStation Direct continuing its invite-only PS5 restocks in 2022.

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Steve Ayers Jr

Wednesday 19th of January 2022

I love my ps5. It is one of the best console I have ever bought. And I bought a bottom fan cooler just to be safe and it has never gave me any problems of over heating. Great job Sony.