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GameStop PS5 In-Store Bundle Restock Announced – January 14

GameStop is back with its in-store PS5 restocks, hosting the first one of the year this January 14!

PS5 scarcity is still an ongoing issue. Restocks are certainly getting better and happening more frequently.

Although, there are not even close to meeting market demand. By the end of 2021, many gamers celebrated as PS5 drops exploded by the end of the year.

Even with this massive influx in restocks, many unfortunate gamers could not get their consoles last Holiday season.

Fortunately for those affected by this scarcity, retailers are still following a great restock trend.

GameStop is undoubtedly trying to start this year on a strong note with a PS5 in-store bundle restock event.


GameStop Hosts Its First In-Store PS5 Bundle Restock In 2022 – January 14

According to restock insider Jake Randall, GameStop is hosting an in-store PS5 bundle restock on January 14.

According to this information, the bundles will be similar to those in previous PS5 drops from GameStop. In essence these bundles usually include a PS5 console, an additional controller, a GameStop gift card, and two extra PS5 games.

In general, these bundles sell for around $750 to $800. This would be GameStop’s first in-store event of the year, so a lot of attendance is expected.

As usual, if you want to participate in this GameStop PS5 in-store restock event, we advise that you get there as early as possible.

People usually form lines outside GameStop stores when these events take place. In fact, previous GameStop PS5 in-store drops have attracted huge queues and even campers!

Some stores hand out numbered tickets to those already in line before the store opens. Usually, those who get a ticket are the ones who will be able to purchase their PS5 bundles.

Some stores detract players from camping, so it is good to get there early, but not as early as the night before.

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PS5 restocks are certainly getting better, but it seems drops are far from over. According to industry insiders, PS5 restocks could continue for a good part of 2022.

If you are still looking for a console and GameStop is not an option for you, we’ve got you covered. Here are all the possible upcoming PS5 restocks happening from January 10- 16.

As well, PS Direct hosted multiple invite-only PS5 drops this month. If you want to get an invite for any upcoming restock, here is how you can register and get an email from PS Direct PS5 restocks.

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