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GameStop Pro Members Infuriated After Halo Infinite Controller Restock

GameStop restocked the Halo Infinite Elite Wireless Controller today and it ended up infuriating its Pro Members.

The restocks are becoming more and more frenetic lately.

Particularly, for limited edition hardware.

Recently, GameStop announced a Halo Infinite hardware restock limited to Pro Members.

So far, the customer experience for these restocks has been less than desirable.

Although it seems today the situation reached its peak.

UPDATE: Halo Super Fan Bundle – Xbox Series X & Elite Controller Restock Today – October 14

GameStop Halo Infinite Controller Restock Fans Infuriated

GameStop Pro Members Upset After Halo Controller Restock

GameStop Pro Members vaulted to social media to express their discontent with the Halo Infinite Controller restock.

Essentially, most gamers complained about technical issues on the site and app.

Unusually, customers experienced a bug that greyed out the pre-order button.

As far as we can see, customers reported this as a widespread issue.

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Moreover, some users posted a high traffic error message for their orders.

Not long ago, customers talked about their frustration after similar issues with GameStop’s Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restock.

GameStop Pro Members Demand Refunds

Taking into account that many of these customers paid for a Pro membership just to get early access, the rage was palpable.

Presently, it seems the situation has now reached its boiling point with many customers demanding refunds.

The river of complaints and refund demands expanded with some receiving access denied bans while trying to order.

In detail, this situation has previously happened on other restocks.

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So far, the Halo Infinite controller and console restocks have not had a happy ending for many.

Thus, time will tell how the upcoming Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundle GameStop restock will pan out.

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Comments 10



Monday 18th of October 2021

I've been a pro member for years. Tried several times to get this controller but could never get through the process. Now, they're on ebay for double the price. I feel cheated.


Sunday 17th of October 2021

So sick of this! I paid for a Pro membership, just saw today they changed me twice due to their website issues, and still can't pick up Halo hardware.

Brian Henseler

Saturday 16th of October 2021

Good afternoon, Same here after 3 hours on chat with GameStop they admitted that it was an error on their website and refunded my pro membership but let me keep my account and points…. But this is not fair to gamers who actually want to play the system not rob people by listing it on eBay for almost 2000!!


Monday 18th of October 2021

@Brian Henseler, exactly!

Kristie Perkins

Saturday 16th of October 2021

Same here..i had a red pre order, i hit it and does nothing, when u got add to cart brings me to sign in page, when i was already signed in..fusterated..


Friday 15th of October 2021

This happened to me as well. 2 times in as many weeks I had the same issue. It would allow me to place it in my cart, but when I went to pay for the pre-order it gave me a 404 error code and then cancelled my pre-order and would not let me re-establish it. This happened for the Far Cry bundle, and the Halo bundle. This is completely unacceptable as I have suggested multiple ways to eliminate scalpers from absorbing the stock. I have also made suggestions as to how to eliminate BOT purchases. As others have stated the CS reps were very nice, and offered membership refund. I did not want a refund for the simple reason that there are other benefits to the membership. What I want as a long time customer, pro member, and investor is the company to follow suggestions and establish ways to prevent pre-order scalping, and prevent BOT orders. I even sent links to the 22 individual pre-sales that immediately went on sale on Ebay. These pre-sales should immediately be rescinded and the pro account suspended. This has yet to be incorporated into the rules for pro-membership. Gamestop, if you want to keep your customers happy, you should listen to, and implement the changes recommended.