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Is GameStop Doing a Midnight Release for God of War Ragnarok?

Though some lamented the end of midnight launches, GameStop has returned to the pre-pandemic ritual with God of War Ragnarok as the latest in a line of high-profile midnight launches.

With rave reviews and hype building since the 2018 reboot, GameStops around the US are sure to be packed with eager gamers.

Despite waiting a bit longer than expected, God of War fans can play on PS4 and PS5 on Wednesday, Nov 9. If you are looking to pick up a copy at a midnight launch of what is shaping up to be a strong game-of-the-year contender, we’ve outlined what you need to know.

Will Gamestop Have God of War Ragnarok Midnight Release?

Yes, several GameStop branches and social media accounts have confirmed midnight releases of God of War Ragnarok for Friday, Nov 9, ET.

As with all midnight releases, not all physical Gamestop stores will have midnight launch events.

Whether your local store is doing a release depends on several factors, including pre-order volume, so you will have to call ahead to see if a Gamestop near you is hosting the event.

Those on the west coast won’t need to stay up late Wednesday, with copies available at 9 PM PT for release events. But West Coast or East, or anything in between, call ahead to confirm the schedule and requirements for events in your area.

Those not looking to wait in a packed parking lot or mall for the release can sit back and wait for the midnight digital release or perhaps one of the coveted Jotnar Editions to come by mail.

How to Find Out If Your GameStop is Doing a God of War Ragnarok Midnight Release

To find a Gamestop near you hosting a God of War Ragnarok midnight release, it is best to call or visit your local store. If you are unsure of the closest location, consider using the store finder page.

Alternatively, you can call Gamestop’s general support number at 1 (800) 883-8895 for any questions or concerns.

God of War Ragnarok

Regardless if you are rushing to your closest GameStop or staying in for the night to pick up a mailed or digital copy, there are plenty of ways to have a copy ready on launch day. Check out where you can preorder God of War Ragnarok and what the different editions and bonuses offer.

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