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GameStop Listings Hints at January 2020 Nintendo Direct

Is a new Nintendo Direct coming soon?
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If tradition is anything to go by, Nintendo fans will presumably be getting another Direct livestream to kick off the new year. Besides this, a series of new GameStop listings might also hint towards a January 2020 Nintendo Direct.

GameStop SKUs for Nintendo Switch

As pointed out by Twitter user @YuYuKamii, GameStop’s internal system now includes 12 SKU (stock keeping units) for Nintendo Switch. All of these unannounced titles have a placeholder release date of December 31st, 2019. This sort of thing usually happens when a Nintendo Direct is on the horizon.

If you think back to just before E3 2019, the same thing occurred – where a host of different Nintendo Switch SKUs mysteriously surfaced on the internal database.

Although the vast majority of these do not have names, it’s still a sign that a series of announcements will be coming soon. The announcements will presumably take place in the form of a Nintendo Direct. However, what will be included remains to be seen.

GameStop’s database only names two Nintendo Switch games, Level-5’s Snack World: The Dungeon World Crawl – Gold and Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

When is the Next Nintendo Direct in 2020?

The latest Nintendo Direct took place during September last year. There’s usually a several-month interval between each direct, so January 2020 would mark a perfect time for a new Nintendo Direct.

Every year, Nintendo often saves one Direct livestream for E3, which takes place in the middle of June. In addition to E3, a new Direct often surfaces towards the start of the year and in September.

Last year, the early Nintendo Direct arrived in February. This year, however, it will presumably need to surface prior to February. That’s because the fifth Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter is scheduled to launch in February, but Nintendo will need to announce it beforehand.

It’s important to note that a January 2020 Nintendo Direct is far from confirmed, although it does still seem likely. In this case, we’ll just have to wait until they officially comment on the matter.

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