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GameStop Possibly Selling Leftover Xbox Series X Thanksgiving Stock on Black Friday

Some gamers have been able to get an Xbox Series X console this Black Friday on GameStop, here we tell you how you can try to get one too!

Xbox Series X has sold out in minutes or seconds in each restock.

As the Holiday season arrives, many gamers are crossing their fingers to get a console finally. Black Friday is undoubtedly the perfect opportunity to look for stock.

To cater to this demand, GameStop has been hinting at an Xbox Series X restock all day.

Now, some lucky gamers have gotten their Xbox Series X from GameStop in a very peculiar way.

GameStop Xbox Series X Black Friday

How to Get an Xbox Series X via GameStop on Black Friday, November 26

Lucky gamers have been able to get an Xbox Series X by changing their ‘Home Store’ on the GameStop app.

Jeddy_boy discovered this strategy on Twitter, and he was kind enough to share it with others in the community.

Mind you, this trick does not always work, but it is worth checking out.

To try this method for yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Use the GameStop app
  2. Search GameStop Xbox Series X Thanksgiving stores list. Use Ctrl+F / Command F to begin searching your Zip Code to find your nearest store. Gradually check from the beginning of your ZIP, the more numbers which match the closer it’ll be.
  3. Change your “Home Store” in the app to one of those stores until you see it in stock. To change your store, go the profile section of the app and then tap on “My Store.” This may take multiple attempts until it appears in stock, and may only appear for some.

Note that this will only work if that particular store had leftover stock from the Thanksgiving event.

If you can not go through the checkout process for any reason, some gamers have provided a solution to this. Using Apple Pay can bypass some checkout issues if you encounter any.

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Thus far, some gamers are already celebrating success with this method!

The GameStop Thanksgiving restock was so big that it even attracted campers. It is great to see there was enough stock for some gamers to purchase on Black Friday.

If GameStop is not an option for you, here are some options where you can buy an Xbox Series X during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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