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GameStop In-Store PS5 Restock Attracts Queues & Camping – September 30

The latest GameStop PS5 restock is an in-store drop and eager fans are wasting no time forming queues outside the stores early.

We’re finally in a place where retailers are comfortable returning to next-gen console drops in-store, and it’s a great relief to gamers everywhere. No longer will we have to worry about scalpers snatching up stock instantaneously with bots, after all.

Recently, GameStop had a huge PS5 restock online, which turned out to be one of the biggest drops we’ve seen in ages. And now the major retailer is preparing for an actual in-person drop today, September 30!

(Source: Sony)

It seems that the store is following Best Buy’s lead on this one. After all, Best Buy’s recent in-store PS5 drop had thousands of gamers queuing outside the store all night.

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GameStop September 30 PS5 In-Store Restock – Queues and Camping

Eager gamers are preparing for GameStop’s September 30 in-store PS5 restock by camping out in the queues early.

Despite many stores not opening for at least a handful of hours, many PS5 hunters are setting up outside GameStop shop fronts already.

If you’re thinking of joining the crowd, be sure your store is one of the GameStops that are taking part in the PS5 in-store drop!

After all, the ongoing restock is only for a limited area; hopefully, GameStop is simply testing the waters for the future. It’s also worth noting that GameStop is only selling this single PS5 bundle in-store, which means you’ll pay a little more for the privilege of buying a next-gen console in person.

However, this doesn’t seem to be putting off buyers. The image below comes from restock tracker Matt Swider who met up with fans camping outside his local GameStop store.

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GameStop In-Store PS5 Restock Attracts Queues & Camping - September 30
(Source: Matt Swider)

At least once you’ve got your PS5, you’ll be able to play the Battlefield 2042 Beta for free, unlike Xbox fans!

Unfortunately for some recent buyers, PS5 orders are being canceled by Walmart, PS Direct, and more.

Here are all the PS5 restocks dropping between September 30 and October 3!

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