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GameStop In-Store PS5 Restock Coming to All Stores – May 28

GameStop has a brand-new PS5 restock wave dropping hot on May 28, and it’s another in-store sales day!

If you’re still looking for a ‘next-gen’ console, get yourself to GameStop on May 28. From time to time, the major retailer likes to sell its stock in person, to ensure that bots aren’t able to snatch up the consoles before customers.

Of course, this doesn’t fully combat the scalper problem with many resellers lining up to buy the devices personally. But it’s definitely one of the best opportunities you’ll have to nab a PS5 for a decent price.

GameStop In-Store PS5
GameStop / Sony

That said, the price you’ll be paying is a little more than you might expect. After all, GameStop often sells stock as part of expensive bundles, with games, extra controllers, and more.

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GameStop PS5 Restock Details & Stores – May 28

There’s a new GameStop PS5 restock taking place in stores across the USA on May 28. Here’s where you should be looking:

Thousands of GameStops across the country will have PS5 stock to sell on May 28. However, you’ll need to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro member in order to take advantage of the sale!

It seems that almost every state will be taking part in the major restock, with the exception of stores in Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska.

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PS5 Digital and Disc Console

According to the official GameStop announcement, every other store will have PS5 stock to sell! This has to be one of the biggest restocks since the PS5’s launch, although it’s unclear how many units each retailer will have to sell.

If you miss out on today’s offerings, don’t forget that another retailer has a PS5 sale locked for June 2!

Interestingly you may want to hold off buying a PS5 right now. Rumors suggest that the PS5 Pro could release as early as next year!

But if you’re still searching, here’s everything we know about upcoming PS5 restocks in 2022!

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