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GameStop In-Store PS5 Restock Details Revealed – January 14

GameStop has finally confirmed the rumored in-store PS5 restock happening on January 14 – here’s everything we know about the drop!

In-store restocks are the most reliable way to get a next-gen console so gamers are always on the lookout for information about them.

Luckily, following the rumors of a huge in-store PS5 restock at GameStop on January 14, the retailer itself has confirmed the drop. What’s more, it has also revealed some more details about the restock itself.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming in-store PS5 restock event at GameStop.

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GameStop Corp.

January 14 In-Store GameStop PS5 Restock Announced & Details Revealed

The PS5 restocks will continue well into 2022 and this could be one of the biggest of the year so far! Here’s what we know about the in-store PS5 GameStop restock.

GameStop has now confirmed the in-store restock, alongside some other useful information. This includes the fact that this will be for GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Members only.

If you plan on taking part in the restock then be sure to sign up for Powerup Rewards Pro beforehand.

Additionally, we now know all of the stores taking part in the January 14 GameStop PS5 restock.

There are hundreds across the country so there’s a good chance that a store near you will have them.

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UPDATE: GameStop In-Store Restock PS5 Bundle & Price Revealed

Finally, like all past restocks, the quantity of PS5s on sale at GameStop will be limited on January 14. GameStop has not given any indication of how many consoles will be on sale so we recommend calling your local store and asking for numbers.

If not, on restock day stores usually have a notice in the window revealing how many consoles bundles are available. This is how customers found the contents of the bundle.

However, it might not be easy to find if there are huge queues and overnight campers outside GameStop like last time.

Despite limited numbers, previous GameStop in-store restocks have been huge successes. Let’s hope that the January 14 PS5 restock at GameStop follows the trend and leads to more happy customers.

If not though, there will be plenty more opportunities to get a console soon. Reports suggest that some Target stores have had PS5s in stock and there are also more invite-only PlayStation Direct PS5 restocks coming in 2022.

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