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Gamestop In-Store PS5 Bundle Revealed – 30th September

An imminent Gamestop in-store PS5 bundle restock is approaching. Now, we also have information about the bundles included in this event.

GameStop has been moving a considerable amount of PS5 bundles lately. Not long ago, they had one of the biggest online PS5 restocks to date.

Now, the retailer is taking this hype directly to its stores.

The PS5 in-store restock from GameStop is happening, and this is everything we know about the bundles offered.

GameStop PS5 online bundle
Source: GameStop

GameStop In-Store PS5 Bundles

First of all, make sure you know if your store is participating! GameStop announced the full list of participating stores for its PS5 in-store restock.

Now, with this certainty in mind, let’s talk about the bundles.

Have in mind this in-store restock focuses on bundles and it is very unlikely you will find stand-alone consoles at MSRP.

There is solid confirmation of the contents of at least one in-store bundle. Although, there might be many variations of this bundle in each store depending on stock.

The bundle confirmed so far includes:

  • PlayStation 5 Console
  • Extra DualSense Controller – Black
  • PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership
  • $75 GameStop Gift Card

Namely, this bundle will retail for $704.97. This is certainly not bad, considering all the added hardware and subscriptions are almost a must for most PS5 gamers.

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In addition, these trade-in offers will be available:

  • Up to $300 cash or credit for a PS4 or Xbox One console
  • 50% additional credit when bringing controllers or headsets
  • Up to 50% extra credits for selling your games
  • Up to $800 cash or credit for iPhones
GameStop PS5 in store bundle flyer
Source: Twitter @mrwow81

If you’re not lucky in getting your PS5 bundle at GameStop, make sure to keep an eye on our PS5 Stock Trackers for lightning-fast updates when new consoles go live:

What other PS5 restocks are on the way?

What if you’re not near any of the GameStop PS5 in-store restock locations? Or, what if you’re not lucky enough to get one even if you are?

We’ve got you covered!

Target is expected to have a PS5 online restock this week.

In addition, retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are rumored to have upcoming PS5 restocks.

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