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GameStop In-Store PS5 Bundle Restock Expected This Week – March 11

A reliable source claims that GameStop is holding an in-store PS5 restock this week, March 11. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming restock event!

Getting a PS5 in 2022 is still a very difficult challenge. After the Christmas and new year period was full of opportunities to get a next-gen console, these past few weeks have been very dry in comparison.

Unfortunately, with the PS5 stock shortage to continue throughout 2022, there won’t be many chances to get a PlayStation 5 in the near future. However, there will still be some.

Luckily, it looks like GameStop is preparing to hold an in-store PS5 restock event on March 11. Here’s everything we know about it so far!

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GameStore In-Store PS5 Restock Event Expected March 11

GameStop went through all of February with no PS5 restocks. However, an in-store restock event seems very likely for March 11!

Reliable restocks insider Matt Swider of The Shortcut has reported that GameStop will be holding an in-store PS5 restock event this Friday, March 11.

And with plenty of great games coming to PS5 very soon, there’s no better time to purchase the new console!

While GameStop itself has not announced anything about the restock yet, Matt Swider has received images of a store memo confirming the restock. Therefore, it seems like it will almost certainly happen.

Unfortunately, it looks like the supply will be very limited (only 4-8 consoles per store) and the bundle will be very expensive. However, getting one is still possible if you know the right tips.

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GameStop PS5 Bundle – March 11

The PS5 bundle on sale at GameStop in the March 11 in-store restocks will cost $797.96 and include:

  • PS5 Disc Edition Console
  • Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition
  • Horizon Forbidden West Limited Edition
  • PowerA PS5 Dualsense Charging Station
  • PS4 HyperX Cloud Headset (Blue)
  • $50 PlayStation Network Card

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Unfortunately, it is not known exactly what stores will be stocking the PS5 bundle just yet. Hopefully, GameStop announces which locations will have the console very soon – so make sure to check back later.

Also, there’s never been a better time to buy a PS5. Not only has Gran Turismo 7 got some great review scores, but another PlayStation exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West gives players an amazing open-world adventure.

Finally, check out the free PS Plus games for March 2022! You’ll definitely want to add these to your library!

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