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GameStop Hints at PS5 Restock Coming Soon – Nov/Dec

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A new email suggests GameStop will be restocking PS5 consoles very soon.

Last week, we saw plenty of PlayStation 5 restocks for Black Friday.

GameStop recently hosted its in-store Thanksgiving event, allowing gamers to purchase a PS5 or Xbox Series X at select stores.

Amazon also went live twice last week with both digital and disc edition drops for Prime Members.

Not only that, but PS5 stock levels are rising at some retailers ahead of Christmas. Retailers have been teasing some of their upcoming drops in advance, and it seems GameStop is next.

The major retailer will presumably drop PS5 digital consoles in November or the start of December 2021.

You can find out other possible PS5 restocks from Nov 29 – Dec 5 here.

GameStop Teases PS5 Digital Restock for Pro Members

GameStop will be restocking PS5 digital bundles/consoles soon, hints a new Black Friday email.

UPDATE: GameStop Cyber Monday PS5 Digital Bundle has already landed.

New Cyber Monday restock incoming: PS5 Disc Edition Bundle Restock Today at GameStop – Cyber Monday

It’s possible that this restock will be happening on Cyber Monday. However, we also recommended keeping an eye out at the start of December.

The email only includes an image of the PS5 digital edition.

It’s unclear whether the standard edition will also be available.

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members will receive early access to this drop.

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Any remaining stock may go on sale one hour later for the public, but they usually sell out before then.

GameStop Black Friday Email hints at PS5 Digital restock coming soon

Use these steps for the best chance of securing a PS5 at GameStop:




Hopefully, this drop will be as successful as some of Black Friday’s PS5 restocks.

It’s also worth noting that Walmart has confirmed a PS5 and Xbox Series X restock on Cyber Monday for plus members.

And if a recent video is anything to go by, Walmart has supposedly been hoarding thousands of PS5 units in preparation for this drop.

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