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GameStop Has Xbox Series X Stock in Stores – January 20 Restock

GameStop is having an in-store Xbox Series X restock in stores across the country on January 20 – here are all of the details!

Gamers struggled to buy next-gen consoles for almost all of 2021, but with a new year comes new hope.

So far, 2022 has been very successful with console restocks and GameStop in particular has been a highlight. Not only has GameStop been selling cheaper Xbox Series X bundles but the retailer had held a number of successful online and in-person restocks so far this year.

Following on from the last GameStop in-store Xbox Series X restock event, the store is holding another one today – January 20. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Also, check out every expected Xbox Series X restock this week – January 17-23.


GameStop In-Store Xbox Series X Restocks – January 20

Reports suggest that the Xbox Series X restocks will continue throughout early 2022 and this has certainly been the case so far.

Now, GameStop has announced that it will be holding yet another restock for the consoles on January 20. Stores across the country will have plenty of Xbox Series X consoles to sell starting from today.

This will be in-store only, so you’ll have to check and see if your local outlet has stock. Luckily, GameStop has once again provided a way to check what stores have Xbox Series X consoles to sell.

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Xbox Series X Console Top

The GameStop website has a map and search function. This lets you type in your city, state, or zip code to see what nearby stores have Xbox Series X consoles in stock on January 20.

It looks like the restock will be of the new, cheaper Xbox Series X bundle. This includes less but comes at a much more affordable price.

Usually, we would recommend rushing down to get an Xbox Series X but this may not be necessary this time. The Xbox Series X was in stock for over 24 hours last time, so it looks like there is finally almost enough supply to meet the demand.

Will you be trying to get an Xbox Series X in the January 20 GameStop restock? Don’t worry if you miss out – there will be plenty more opportunities to get the console.

For instance, the Microsoft Store is now doing a ‘Build Your Own’ Xbox Series X bundle. This gives gamers the chance to get exactly what they want.

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