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GameStop Cyber Monday PS5 Digital Bundle – Restock Dropped (Updated)

A Cyber Monday PS5 bundle has been found on the GameStop website ahead of a possible restock later today!

Cyber Monday is the best day of the year to do your online shopping and it looks like it’ll be the day many gamers manage to get a next-gen console too.

Just yesterday, GameStop hinted that a PS5 restock would be coming this week but few would have expected it to drop so soon!

It looks like GameStop will be selling a Cyber Monday PS5 Bundle later today, November 29. Check out all of the details below

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GameStop Cyber Monday PS5 Bundle Contents & Restock Time – November 29

Rumors suggest that GameStop has been hoarding PS5 consoles for a while and it looks like they will be going on sale today!

Restocks expert Jake Randall spotted a listing on the GameStop website listing a PS5 Cyber Monday bundle. This means that GameStop will almost certainly be restocking the PS5 later today.

However, this GameStop Cyber Monday PS5 restock looks like it will be for GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members.

The GameStop PS5 Digital Edition Cyber Monday Bundle will cost $724.96 and contains:

  • PS5 Digital Edition
  • Extra Dualsense controller
  • PowerA Dualsense Two Controller Charger
  • PS Plus 1 Year Membership
  • $100 PlayStation Store Gift Card
  • $100 GameStop Gift Card

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GameStop Cyber Monday PS5 Bundle

UPDATE Nov 29, 2:05 PM ET: This restock has already landed. However, there’s a new restock right around the corner. PS5 Disc Edition Bundle Restock Today at GameStop – Cyber Monday

Additionally, the time for this restock has not been confirmed yet, but we have a good idea about when it will drop. The GameStop Cyber Monday PS5 bundle will likely drop at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

UPDATE: Some PowerUp Rewards Pro Members have already been able to buy the bundle. However, another restock for the disc edition could still go live later today.

Plus, there will be plenty more restocks dropping on Cyber Monday. Walmart is having a huge PS5 and Xbox Series X Cyber Monday restock on November 29.

Additionally, an invite-only PS5 restock at PlayStation Direct will be happening on Cyber Monday. This is yet another chance to get the new PlayStation.

Finally, check out all of the PS5 restock happening this week, November 28-December 5. There will be plenty of chances to get your hands on a new console over the next few days, so keep an eye out.

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