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GameStop Cancels PS5 & Xbox Series X Orders

Current gen consoles are selling at staggering numbers and this fast-selling pace has led to GameStop canceling some PS5 and Xbox Series X orders.

Lately, more and more restocks are happening every day.

Generally, these restocks sell out in minutes if not seconds.

Consequently, that high demand sometimes obliterates retailers’ efforts to successfully fulfill each order.

Undoubtedly, GameStop has been unable to go through this high demand unscathed, canceling some PS5 and Xbox Series X orders in the process.

GameStop Xbox Series X GameStop Order Cancellation
Source: Microsoft

GameStop Cancels PS5 & Xbox Series X Orders

GameStop customers have yet again voiced their frustration on social media.

Notably, some customers stated they received GameStop PS5 order cancellations around two hours after placing it.

In this particular case, a Pro member got the membership just for the PS5 drop.

Unfortunately, GameStop’s system canceled the order two hours later.

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As well, it seems this issue is not exclusive to PS5 orders.

Some gamers have also reported GameStop canceling Xbox Series X orders.

Particularly, this customer received a cancellation after GameStop’s problematic Halo Infinite Series X drop.

Moreover, the Xbox trend continued with another unfortunate gamer.

In particular, this order was a Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X bundle.

GameStop at some point, according to this gamer, stated the console was lost and refunded the order in full.

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Gamestop Recent Restock and Order Issues

Lately, GameStop has been under hot water later.

Pro members recently expressed how infuriated they were after GameStop’s most recent Halo Infinite Controller restock.

Also, many gamers experienced access denied errors on GameStop’s website during restocks.

Unquestionably, the order cancelation issue is somewhat more complicated.

Even with some tips and tricks on how to successfully buy your PS5 or Xbox Series X console on GameStop, this canceling issue is less avoidable.

Unfortunately, this all leaves us with a very important lesson.

The deal is not sealed until the console has shipped!

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Chris Rooks

Sunday 17th of October 2021

I'm a Game Stop Pro Rewards member and have been for years and I don't get the messages that the pro members are supposed to get on the new restock updates. My PS4 went out last January and 10 months later I haven't been able to play a single video game because I haven't gotten a single email from Game Stop, I haven't even gotten my monthly Game Informer magazine (that you're supposed to get monthly) and just to renew for this year's membership it cost me double the amount of points because they messed up! I also pre-ordered one of their exclusive Gaming greats Star Wars Black Series Nightbrothers action figures that was due out last May, then they got a rest I ck in July and I got told I have to wait until next year! After I was told I would have mine shipped out in July's restock. Meanwhile a friend of mine who ordered his 2 weeks after me got his. The worst part us they took my money for the figure back in May, now I ask you, if you send me an email stating the item is in and you take the purchaser's money shouldn't you deliver the item? If not on the first shipment at least on the second? Not tell them you have to wait a year.


Saturday 16th of October 2021

Gamestop has addressed this, stating that at the time of order as many as 120,000 people were on gamestops site. If that many people are trying to get their hand on a small handful of consoles, it makes sense that some might get cancelled. These consoles sell out almost instantly, and are likely accidentally oversold by gamestop.


Friday 15th of October 2021

The deal isn't sealed until the box is in your hands!

I managed to order one of the FarCry 6 bundles on Thursday last week. Was shipped Saturday, to be delivered on Sunday via FedEx. At 7pm Sunday I get a email update saying my shipment was delayed. Thankfully it arrived Monday afternoon and it is beautiful.

Never give up, never surrender!

Peace out, hyghwayman