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GameStop Already Attracting Campers for PS5 & Xbox Series X Thanksgiving Restock

Some determined campers are already waiting outside GameStop stores for the Thanksgiving PS5 and Xbox Series X restock.

Console scarcity is sadly still prevalent during this Holiday season.

Thus, many gamers are doing everything at reach to get a console during Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

In response to this demand, GameStop is trying to make many gamers happy this Thanksgiving by hosting a PS5 and Xbox Series X in-store restock.

As this news spread, many gamers are taking every measure possible to make sure they finally get their console.

GameStop Thanksgiving PS5 Xbox Series X Event

Campers Line Outside GameStop Stores for the Thanksgiving PS5 & Xbox Series X Restock

Some gamers are reportedly camping outside GameStop stores, waiting for the Thanksgiving PS5 and Xbox Series X event.

Decided gamers are already in line to ensure they get a console. According to some reports, even GameStop stores shared that campers are already on site.

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It is not unusual to see campers outside retails stores during Black Friday season. However, it is especially busy this time as GameStop is posting the PS5 and Xbox Series X stock levels in store windows.

With both current-gen consoles being out of stock since both were released in 2020, it is anticipated that this will be a common occurrence this Holiday season.

As time goes by, several claims continue to pop up on Twitter.

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Even though some are giving the extra mile for a console, others have not received a positive response to their camping strategy.

According to one gamer, his local GameStop instructed him not to camp.

Additionally, according to him, he was informed that the store would not prioritize people camping over those showing up on time.

This situation is nothing new for GameStop. Back in October, a PS5 in-store restock event attracted campers.

Even before that, a similar PS5 GameStop event attracted overnight campers in September.

For those camping, hopefully, the stock is sufficient, and the effort ends up paying off!

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