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Game Designer Confirms Whether SBMM Is In Fall Guys

Fall Guys players have been wondering for a long time whether the battle royale game has SBMM and we finally have our answer.

SBMM or Skill-Based Matchmaking is becoming a hot topic online recently. Now it seems that even light-hearted battle royale Fall Guys may have SBMM in its online gameplay.

With the introduction of Season 2, several players believe that Fall Guys has become more difficult. And by this, we're not referring to the new minigames or even the wacky physics.

Fall Guys Season 2
(Source: Mediatonic)

Instead, it seems to simply be that Fall Guys might have implemented Skill-Based Matchmaking into the game. If this is the case, perhaps users are now being placed into matches with others around their skill levels.

What is Fall Guys SBMM?

Skill-Based Matchmaking is a function implemented by developers that helps match players with those in a similar skill bracket. The idea is that new players won't be going up against those who are already at 100+ Crowns.

Instead, those Crown hoarders will enter matches with others that have seen similar success. Of course, in Fall Guys anyone can make it through to the final rounds, so SBMM may be harder to balance.

Many in the online gaming community are adamantly against SBMM implementation. In games like Call of Duty, Skill-Based Matchmaking makes it difficult to have fun at higher levels.

Players are forced to run high-tier loadouts and adjust their playstyles. Whether this would actually impact a game like Fall Guys though, remains to be seen.

Is SBMM in Fall Guys?

At last, we do have an answer as to whether or not Skill-Based Matchmaking is in Fall Guys. According to Lead Game Designer Joe Walsh, Fall Guys does contain some slight SBMM in the game's code.

(Source: Mediatonic)

In a comment made on Reddit, Walsh describes Fall Guys' SBMM as being present but "not to the extent of competitive games". However, players aren't satisfied with this answer.

A month after Walsh left his comment on the Fall Guys thread, users returned to complain about SBMM even further. A number of commenters recently replied to the Lead Game Designer, asking if Skill-Based Matchmaking has become stricter.

It's a question on a lot of players' minds right now, as Fall Guys seems trickier than ever. Thankfully, there are also more Crowns available in the game's Season 2 battle pass, for those struggling.

A new Fall Guys Season 2 bug makes winning crowns easy, but SBMM will help increase the difficulty again. Thankfully at least we don't have to play team games this week when entering the new season.

Responding to fan feedback, Fall Guys Season 2 adds a playlist with no team games. This is sure to help alleviate fan complaints, even as more people begin to wonder about SBMM's implementation.