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Game-Breaking Valorant Exploit Lets Players Plant the Spike Silently

This new game-breaking Valorant exploit is ruining the meta of the game, by letting Spike-planters do so completely silently.

Valorant is a tactical shooter, where players must work together when defending, in order to identify and stop the enemy forces' attack. Thankfully, when attackers plant the Spike, a loud animation must first play.

This alerts defenders to the plant site's location so that rotations can occur and the area can be re-taken.

valorant silent plant exploit
(Source: Riot Games)

At least, that's how it works in theory. But a new game-breaking Valorant exploit appears to let players plant the Spike silently - something that desperately needs a fix.

Even with the latest Valorant update making major changes, there are still things to fix in Riot Games' FPS.

How to Plant Silently in Valorant

To plant the Spike silently in Valorant, players must first take the Spike to one of their map's attack sites. Then, when pressing the plant button, a player needs to hold down their map button too.

If the two buttons are held simultaneously, the Spike will make no noise. However, if you release the map button at any point, the Spike will trigger its original animation and sound.

ascent valorant glitch
(Source: Riot Games)

The enemy team will still hear the Spike slamming into the ground and the subsequent beeping sounds that follow. But using this method, you can get the drop on the enemy team with ease.

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This is for sure one of Valorant's most game-breaking bugs at the moment but it's not the only one. A new major Valorant glitch on Ascent is stealing players' abilities mid-round.

(Source: Reddit)

What's more, one of Yoru's abilities is completely broken, and can even lead to the Agent's instant death.

Right now, Valorant players hate the game's new Ranked system. But they're sure to hate it even more now that Valorant fans can plant the Spike completely silently.

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