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Game Boy Advance Emulator for Nintendo Switch Online Has Leaked Rumor Claims

According to a recent leak, a Game Boy Advance Emulator for Nintendo Switch Online is currently in development.

Nintendo players are not happy with the NSO Expansion pricing. To access the Sega Mega Drive and N64 classics, players must purchase a bundle with both services and Animal Crossing DLC.

But if these recent leaks prove to be accurate and implemented into NSO Expansion, then it seems fans will be ready to forgive Nintendo.

Here’s everything we know about the Gameboy Advance Emulator rumored to be coming to NSO.

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Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Pricing Animal Crossing

GBA Emulator for NSO Leaked Details

According to a 4chan, Nintendo’s official GBA emulator for the Nintendo Switch has leaked.

The leak itself contains files that include three different files. These files contain emulators developed by the Nintendo Europe Research and Development team.

“NERD” is the team responsible for the recent Classic Mini consoles and the emulation software that went into them.

The code names for the emulators are “Sloop” for GBA and “Hiyoko for GB.

The leak was first discovered and posted on Twitter by Trash_Bandatoot.

Nintendo has yet to confirm the existence of any GB or GBA service coming to NSO Expansion. Although, this recent leak does seem to have some legitimacy behind it.

Many Nintendo fans are afraid this GBA emulator will not be included in the current Nintendo Switch Online Expansion despite their excitement.

It could very well be an added tier that players will need to pay more for. But everything is speculation at this point.

Although if the leaks turn out to be accurate, it could point to a Nintendo announcement soon.

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