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Future Nintendo Direct Shows Confirmed in Recent Job Listing

Nintendo may be gearing up for a new Nintendo Direct show according to a recent job listing or changing their approach.

It’s been well over a year since we had a full and proper Nintendo Direct show. This is primarily down to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing Nintendo to change its 2020 strategy.

But it now appears that the company is planning to hold a new Nintendo Direct show in the future – the question is when?

Of course, the pandemic is still going on, yet vaccine and treatment advancements now offer the promise of normality. At least eventually.  

Nintendo may be holding fire and waiting for this semblance of normality to return. Their view could be that a fully digital event may not live up to expectations.

Nintendo Direct rumored for October 2020

Although, both Sony and Microsoft have proven in the past 12 months that digital-only events can still work well. But we understand Nintendo’s approach if it is indeed influenced by this.

While the next Nintendo Direct show has yet to be announced, it may be in the pipeline. A recent job listing at Nintendo has referenced the Direct shows explicitly in its details.

The ad is for a new Associate AV Producer role and states that the successful applicant; “may assist with filming live-action footage for use in Nintendo Directs, and other content marketing initiatives."

Such a role would be very important to Nintendo. Especially for any live events which they may hold in the future.

Why recruit for one if no such events are planned?

What Does This Mean for Future Nintendo Direct Shows?

The job advert shows that live Nintendo Direct shows aren’t dead and that the company is still planning to hold them in the future.

The bad news is that we may have longer to wait. As the job title is for someone to help produce Direct shows live, not digitally.

But at least we know one is coming, even if it is still an unknown amount of time away.

It makes sense, especially when we consider that Nintendo’s recently revealed 2021 games line-up is rather bare. Would such a modest line-up be worthy of a grand Nintendo Direct show?

Nintendo Switch Console

A recent leak suggested that a new Nintendo Direct show could be in the works to coincide with the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes announcement. But Nintendo hasn't provided any clarification about these things yet.

There’s also the small matter of the Switch Pro to consider. While this is clearly something Nintendo are working on behind the scenes, they’ve been keen to stress the console won’t be coming anytime soon.

Though, many aren’t convinced Nintendo is telling the truth with this well-rehearsed, often repeated statement. It may be a red herring on Nintendo’s part – we’ll have to wait and see.

Nintendo, Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario all have significant anniversaries and milestones coming up in 2021. So we expect some kind of celebrations to occur, but we think a fully-fledged Nintendo Direct show may still be wishful thinking.

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