In the lead-up to the launch of FIFA 23, the FUT Web App will be down for five days.

When they don’t have access to the game, FUT users can still access their FIFA Ultimate Team via the FUT Web App. This makes it an important asset in keeping on top of your FUT club.

Players can open packs, assemble teams, buy and sell players, and complete SBCs using the Web App. It is a helpful tool for managing your squad in FUT.

Here’s everything you need to know about the maintenance for the Web App.

FIFA Web App starting screen and login page

Why is the Web App offline?

The FUT Web App has been taken offline due to maintenance as EA Sports prepare for the upcoming launch of FIFA 23.

The maintenance is to allow the developers to switch the app over to the new game’s database.

When Will You be Able to Access the Web App?

With the Web App being taken offline, the next time you will be able to log in to the app is when it launches for FIFA 23 on September 21, 2022.

Learn more about the date and time the FUT 23 Web App launches.

Fifa Web App Maintenance

Can You Still Access Your Old FUT 22 Club on the Web App & Mobile Companion?

Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to manage your Ultimate Team on FIFA 22 using the Web App.

The FIFA 22 Companion App will remain live up until September 22 so you will be able to access your club on the mobile app.

You will still be able to log in to your Ultimate Team on your copy of FIFA 22.

With the Web App offline, it could be a good time to scout out the top players in FIFA 23 for the upcoming FUT campaign.

FIFA 23 early access is nearing, and you can learn the different methods of gaining early access to FIFA 23.

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