FIFA 23 isn’t even out yet, and players hate the new chemistry system in Ultimate Team this year! But why is it proving to be so unpopular?

Team chemistry is integral if you want to succeed in FIFA Ultimate Team, as having high chemistry boosts the stats of your players.

And while the general idea of having players from the same clubs, leagues, and nations in your squad remains in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team’s revamped chemistry system, how it is calculated is very different.

This has caused plenty of fan backlash for two main reasons.

But before you find out why fans don’t like it, read the complete guide to chemistry in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 Chemistry Guide

Major Problems With the FUT 23 Chemistry System

The two big criticisms of the new FIFA 23 Ultimate Team chemistry system are:

  • It makes creating hybrid teams much more difficult
  • Completing SBCs is more complicated

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Hybrid Teams are More Difficult to Make in FIFA 23

The main reason fans don’t like the new FUT 23 Chemistry system is that it makes creating hybrid teams much more difficult. This is particularly the case for players with less popular leagues or nationalities.

For instance, if you wanted to fit Gareth Bale into your team on full chemistry, you would need a number of players from Wales or MLS in your team to do so.

However, in previous FIFA games, you would be able to include him on full chemistry with just one green link. Although, this would depend on which formation you selected.

If you’re struggling to make a hybrid, we suggest you check out some of the best starter teams in FIFA 23:

Liverpool Chemistry 3

SBCs are Harder to Complete in FUT 23

Players who are not in their exact position get 0 chemistry in FUT 23. This makes SBCs much harder to complete in Ultimate Team this year.

Before, you could put a player in a position that was similar to theirs to get some chemistry. However, this is no longer an option, thanks to the new chemistry system.

As a result, SBCs are much harder and more expensive to complete as you’ll have to purchase more players or position modifiers from the transfer market to complete them!

And if this wasn’t bad enough, the rewards you get for completing SBCs in FIFA 23 are much worse too!


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