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FIFA 23 FUT Champions Qualification & Format Explained for Play-Offs & Finals

FUT Champions is a place where the best players go to test their skills against each other. But to participate, you need to understand the format and qualification process for the Play-Offs and Finals.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is one of the most popular competitive scenes in all of gaming. Players have multiple modes where they can test their teams against other players.

But the one mode that really separates the best from the rest is FIFA 23 FUT Champs.

Here you’ll learn about the qualification process for FUT Champs Play-Offs and Finals, otherwise known as Weekend League.

What is FUT Champions?

FUT Champions is an online mode in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team where players initially compete in Play-Offs to try and qualify for the Finals (also known as Weekend League). Players can earn 4 points for each win and 1 point for each loss, to climb the ranks and earn better rewards.

It is a way for players to test their skills against some of the best players and see how many points/wins they can get.

It is the most competitive mode in FIFA 23 and requires players to go through a series of qualifications even to gain access to the FUT Champs Play-Offs and Finals.

How Does FUT Champions Play-Offs Work in FIFA 23?

The Play-Offs are the first stage of FUT Champions, and it is open for the entirety of a FIFA 23 FUT season, around six weeks.

Play-Offs is the stage before FUT Champs Finals. You can play up to 10 games to earn rewards and receive finals qualification.

Although there are only a limited number of entries that players can obtain per each FUT season.

You can see how many entries you have left by:

  • Select “FUT Champions” from the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Main Menu.
  • From here, the first screen that should pop up will have a box titled “Qualifying” on the left side.
  • Here, you can see how many Season entries you have left and when the season will end.
FIFA 23 Champs Entry

How to Qualify for FUT Champs Play-Offs

To qualify for the Play-Offs in FUT Champs, you need to earn 1250 Champions Qualification Points (CQP).

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The first time you ever try to qualify for FUT Champions, you’ll need to do so by playing FUT Division Rivals. You’ll earn points by doing any of the following:

  • Wins
  • Draws
  • Losses
  • Weekly CQP rewards for your Division

The Division you are currently in will affect how many points you receive per match. Here is how points are distributed:

DivisionWinDrawLossWeek Rewards
Elite Division+500+200+80+1000
Division Rivals FUT Champions Qualification Points (CQP) Chart in FIFA 23

So the higher the Rivals Division you are in, the easier it will be to accumulate CQP.

If you’re struggling in your Division, it’s always good to check out the best formations and custom tactics to help you get an edge over your opponents.

Where Can I See How Many FUT Champions Qualification Points (CQP) I Have?

  • Launch FIFA 23 Ultimate Team from the Main Menu.
  • Scroll to where it says “FUT Champions” and highlight the option.
  • Here it will display how many Champions Qualification Points you currently have and a progress bar to see how far off you are from qualifying.
FUT Champs Qualifying

How Does FUT Champions Finals Work in FIFA 23?

The FUT Champions Finals, otherwise known as the Weekend League, are the second and final stage of FUT Champions.

This mode can only be accessed during specific periods. You can check to see when FUT Champions FInals will be available in-game or use our FUT Champs schedule to see the start date and time of every upcoming weekend league:

  • Head to the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Main Menu.
  • Scroll to “FUT Champions” and select this option.
  • On the first screen, you’ll see “Champions Play-Offs Preview,” press X/A to choose this option.
  • On the next screen, use R1/RB to change over to “Champions Finals Preview.”‘
  • Here you will see a small countdown indicating when FUT Champions FInals will be available.
    • Usually, FUT Finals is only open for players from Friday – Sunday. This is why players tend to refer to it as the Weekend League.
FIFA 23 Champs Countdown

How to Qualify for FUT Champs Finals

To qualify for FUT Champs Finals (Weekend League), you’ll need to earn 20 points in the FUT Champions Play-Offs. This will allow you to obtain a Finals Qualification Token.

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How Many Play-Off Games Do You Need to Win for FUT Champs Finals Qualification?

To receive a Finals Qualification Token, you will need to win at least 4 matches in FUT Champions Play-Offs.

  • Win = +4
  • Loss = +1
  • There are a total of 10 FUT Play-Off games that you will be able to play for every FUT Champions Entry.
  • There are no ties in FUT Champions Finals. Any tie will go to extra time and if needed, penalties.
  • You need to amass a total of 20 points in these 10 games.

Here is how many points you could possibly earn in FUT Play-Offs depending on the number of wins you obtained from those ten matches:

Total WinsTotal LossesTotal PointsRankQualified?

Once you’ve reached 20 points, you will receive a Finals Qualification Token. You can either stop here or continue playing all 10 matches to improve the rewards that you get with each Rank.

These will be some of the toughest players you’ll face in FIFA 23. Most of them will be using the new acceleRATE mechanic to its full potential.

Don’t forget to put some of the best players with the Lengthy acceleRATE type in your team!

How to Redeem FUT Champions Finals Qualification Token

  • Once you receive your token, head back into the FUT Champions Menu from the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Main Menu.
  • When FUT Champs Finals is live, you will receive a prompt asking you to redeem your token.
    • If you choose to redeem your token, you will be entered into FUT Champions Finals.

Can I Use The Qualification Token at Any Time?

Yes, you can choose to save your FUT Finals Qualification Token whenever you feel ready to do so.

Your FUT Finals Qualification Token will also carry over to a different Season if you save it.

Can I Cancel My FUT Champs Finals Entry?

No, once your entry has been redeemed, it is final, and there is no way to reverse it in FIFA 23.

What Happens if I Fail to Qualify for FUT Champs Play-Offs?

If you fail to qualify for FUT Champs Play-Offs, you will not be able to participate. Your Champions Qualification Points (CQP) will carry over to future weeks until you reach

There are no negative consequences to not qualifying. You will miss out on rewards and the highly coveted Player Picks from FUT Champions Finals.

What Happens if I Fail to Qualify for FUT Champions Finals?

If you fail to qualify for FUT Champs Finals, you can always attempt to earn a Finals Qualification Token again once you’ve qualified for FUT Champions Play-Offs.

Champions Re-Qualification and Entry

Once you’ve qualified for FUT Champions, you’ll be able to obtain Champions Qualification Points (CQP) as a reward for reaching certain ranks.

This makes it a lot easier to requalify for your next FUT Champs Entry.

Champs Play-Off RankCQP Awarded
VI (6)400
All Champions Qualification Points (CQP) awarded in FIFA 23 FUT Champs Play-Offs
Champs Finals RankCQP Awarded
X (10)500
IX (9)500
VIII (8)750
VII (7)750
VI (6)1000
V (5)1250
IV (4)1250
III (3)1250
II (2)1250
I (1)1250
All Champions Qualification Points (CQP) awarded in FIFA 23 FUT Champs Finals.

Can You Qualify for FUT Champs Twice?

You cannot qualify for FUT Champs Play-Offs or Finals twice in the same period. You’ll need to wait until the following weekend to try again.

You get a total of 7 FUT Champions Entries per season, and each entry can only be used once per week.

How Many Games Are in FIFA 23 FUT Champs?

There are a total of 30 playable games in FIFA 23 FUT Champions.

  • 10 games during Play-Offs
  • 20 games during Finals

You can always see how many games you have left at the bottom left of the FUT Champions Menu.

FUT 23 Champs Games Remaining

You may need some of the best meta players to qualify for FIFA 23 FUT Champions:

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